Partnership key to sharing the vision of digital transformation – Mutati


The government says the country’s participation at the just-ended Gov-tech Conference in South Africa will go a long way in realizing its dream of becoming a communication hub in the region.

Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati says the partnership is key towards achieving enhanced knowledge, and experience, and sharing the vision of digital transformation and service delivery.

He said only innovative ways to finance digital infrastructure will help boost the Information Technology sector. The minister said this at the conclusion of this year’s Gov-Tech 2022 Conference held in South Africa, which attracted more than 2000 delegates.

“We came to South Africa to forge partnerships. We came here to talk and engage with the rest of Africa by sharing experiences and best practices.

“ At the end of the day, we must begin to collaborate with each other. We must begin to invest in each other,” Mr Mutati said. And his Permanent Secretary, Brilliant Habeenzu said it is important that Zambia is represented at such high-level meetings to share ideas.

Dr Habeenze said the high-level meeting brings different stakeholders together to share experiences that involve the ICT sector. “Zambia’s participation in such meetings is important as the country works towards becoming one of the best in information and technology, “ he said.

The Conference was designed to stimulate and generate debate and discussion with different stakeholders ranging from international and local speakers.

Expert presentations were done by key stakeholders in the industry through which delegates engaged on innovative solutions that can be deployed to support public service delivery.

The roundtable concluded that the Government and communities must ensure that ICT must complement, enrich, and transform education for the better. This is according to a statement made available to media, by First Secretary Press Zambia High Commission Pretoria Tamara Nyirenda.


  1. This Minstry has now become like the previous Ministry of Religious Affairs under PF…..I didn’t know Mutati is an empty tin….just blah blah blah blah all the time and wasting tax payers money …he now sounds like a broken record everytime he talks about technology….he’s been making the same noise since day one

  2. You just wonder how much was spent to fly and attend that Gov-tech Conference in South Africa he is banging on about..I bet SA will position itself to be main benefitor with its companies. Mutati stop all this nonsense talk everyday we know you are just happy being a cabinet miniter in govts ….its laughable that RSA would sit there and watch you become a communication hub in the region; they too need jobs for their people.
    If you want to becaome a player just pull intercables from the oceans in Tanzania and Angola into Zambia like Kenya have done with Safaricom then sell to Internet providers at a low cost this will definitely lower the cost of doing business and situate growth. I am nowadays even Britsh Gas has customer service call centers in Kenya.

  3. Yes he may sound like an empty tin cos you are living in a refugee camp there in Guatemala. Jump the wall fence built by Trump there and come back to Zambia then you ll hear that what the ministers talks about is actually policy formulation, which defines a clear roadmap to creating an environment that allows Technology to thrive in Zambia.

  4. All the comments written so far are by people who know nothing about ITC, digital transformation or the concept of Network.
    My advice to all contributors, do not write on matters you know nothing about or do not understand. In others KEEP QUIET.
    Ignorance is a misfortune not a privilege.

    • Ben – The blueprint of how to transform your ICT to the next level is there for all to see…Bangalore in India is a typical example forget this partnership with RSA and these talkshops!!!

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