Thursday, June 13, 2024

Government to continue employing Health Professionals in a phased manner


The government has said that it will continue with the employment of health practitioners in a phased manner.

Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa says government is fully aware human resource gap under the health sector adding that it is at the core of President Hakainde Hichilema to bridge the gap for smooth delivery of health care services.

Mr. Mweetwa points out that the recent recruitment of 11,200 health workers is a beginning as government wishes to continue employing in a phased manner.

The minister said this during the 71st and 11th graduation ceremony for Registered Nurses, Midwives and Biomedical Laboratory technologists respectively at Chikankata College of nursing and Biological Sciences, Saturday.

He has however, appealed to the graduates not to get frustrated as they wait to be recruited.

Meanwhile, Chikankata College of nursing principal tutor Zondiwe Ndalande appealed to government to quickly find places to deploy the graduates whiles their minds are still fresh.

Ms. Ndalande said the longer period of waiting affects health practitioners as they tend to forget what they have learnt in college.

And the Salvation Army, proprietor the two learning institutions, have assure government of continued training of health staff for line with aspirations of government.


  1. Mr President HH, Please instruct The Southern Province Minister Mr Cornelius Mweetwa to start staying and living in Choma because he has fled to Livingstone where he is doing nothing apart from issuing political statements and chasing after girls and white tourists.
    Choma is the provincial capital of southern province, his substantive office and his constituency where we voted for him. The previous ministers like Hon Munkombwe, and Hon Hamukale were living in choma and accessible to the people. Here is rogue of a minister who has lost public confidence with no development agenda apart from iussuing political statements

  2. Meanwhile the Govt Spokeslady is busy looking at her makeup in the mirror waiting for her Media Director to give her irrelevant news to respond to that doesnt require any thought to respond. HH7 what are you doing keeping an empty suit in Ministry of Information?

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