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Zambezi River Authority to Construct an K 11 million mini-hospital in Siavonga Town


Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) has embarked on the construction of a modern mini-hospital worth over K 11 million in Chief Simamba of the Bagande people of Siavonga Town, Southern Province.

ZRA Board Chairperson Gloria Magombo says the Authority through the Zambezi Valley Development Fund ( ZVDF ) will spend over K 11 million for the construction works of the health including purchase of medical equipment and other auxiliary services.

Dr. Magombo, who is also Zimbabwe’s Energy and Power Development Permanent Secretary, said this during the laying of the foundation stone at the site.

Chief Simambo of the Bagande people of Siavonga District was among the many figures who witnessed the event.

“ The ( ZRA ) board through the Zambezi Valley Development Fund will continue implementing various developmental projects in the social sectors as way of mitigating and ameliorating the suffering of the people displaced to pave way for the construction of the Kariba Dam, “ she said.

And Chief Simamba of the Bagande people of Siavonga District in Southern Province has called for an “Investment Indaba” with all investors in Chiefdom to discuss sustainable development.

Chief Simamba bemoaned the low contribution of investors operating in his chiefdom in participating in developmental activities through “Social Corporate Responsibility Programmes (CSRP).

The traditional leader said this in a speech read for him by a representative, Phanuel Simamba, stressing that all investors in his chiefdom should emulate Zambezi River Authority’s gesture of ploughing back in the communities in which it has a presence.

Siavonga Member of Parliament, Darius Mulunda, Zambia’s Ministry of Energy Permanent Secretary, Francesca Zyambo, Siavonga District Commissioner and other senior government officials, ZRA board members attended the function.


  1. Southern province ranks 3rd in terms of GDP after Lusaka and Copperbelt. This statistic is due to the electricity power generation capacity installed in the province. Unfortunately, despite hosting these giant investments the Southern province hasn’t anything to show for it. The Rural Electrificatin Authority has electrified more households in Mwansabombwe that it has done in Southern province where the bulk of Zambia’s electricity is generated. These communities haven’t been adequately compensated. While this gesture is acceptable it’s too little to compensate for the lives that were displaced during the construction of the lake. There’s a new injustice as lodges have now taken almost all the river-front has been taken by lodges and villages have no access to the Lake. I propose a…

    • The GDP of Southern Province is the most diverse in Zambia. The province is number 1 in agriculture, tourism, the mining of coal without which the smeltering of copper is not possible. And you are right that the province has been looted to enrich the other provinces of the people who have historically held the presidential office in Lusaka. Southern Province has been a pivotal province in the history of the country, starting from the time when its citizens sponsored the trip by UNIP to go to London to negotiate independence with the English by selling 10, 000 cows, to providing more than 90% of the maize in Zambia for most its history (Monze district alone used to supply 50%), until the tribalist Frederick Chipuba sabotaged the agriculture of the province

    • Ayatollah, please complete your proposal so that we can hear what it is. It seems as if the limited character space of the comments field truncated what you had to say. I am interested in hearing what you have to say. Do you think that the rural hospital is being opened because the operators of the lodges and their guests may need health care, rather than to cater for the villagers who live in the district????????

  2. Please Mr President HH, Please instruct The Southern Province Minister Mr Cornelius Mweetwa to start staying and living in Choma because he has fled to Livingstone where he is doing nothing apart from issuing political statements and chasing after girls and white tourists.
    Choma is the provincial capital of southern province, his substantive office and his constituency where we voted for him. The previous ministers like Hon Munkombwe, and Hon Hamukale were living in choma and accessible to the people. Here is rogue of a minister who has lost public confidence with no development agenda apart from iussuing political statements . The guy is just a jocker on honeymoon

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