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Bikes banned from ferrying Mutomolo Ceremony patrons in Nakonde


Motor bike riders in Nakonde District in Muchinga Province have been banned from ferrying people to the palace during the Mutomolo Traditional Ceremony of the Namwanga people.

The Mutomolo Traditional Ceremony Committee Chairperson, George Sinkala, said the pronouncement was made in order to maintain order at the ceremony which is scheduled to take this weekend on 24th September, 2022.

Mr. Sinkala, said the decision will help avoid motorcycle accidents that have been on the rise in the past.

 “No motor bikes should be driven on the roads from Kantongo going to the palace through to Chitamba on that material day,” he said.

He advised those that wish to attend the ceremony to instead opt for vehicles which will be safer to use when traveling to the palace considering that the event is likely to be attended by a large crowd.

Mr. Sinkala disclosed that the Royal Establishment has since engaged police to ensure the directive is followed adding that offenders will be brought to book.

Meanwhile, Nakonde District Cultural Affairs Officer, Kashinge Chulu, said dancers under her charge are set and ready to showcase their dancing skills at the ceremony.

Ms. Chulu further called on the general public to show up in numbers to appreciate Zambian culture and tradition which will be displayed during the event.

“We are well prepared and can hardly wait for that day. Even the dancers and other artists are ready and it would really be nice to see a lot of people coming for the ceremony. We are truly looking forward to that particular day.


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