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Bishop Mambo not happy with statement by Archbishop Banda on homosexuality


Chikondi Foundation Founder Bishop John Mambo has expressed astonishment over the statement issued by Archbishop Alick Banda of Lusaka Archdiocese, were he states that President Hakainde Hichilema and the law enforcement agencies have turned a blind eye to the rising cases of homosexuality and sodomy in the country.

Bishop Mambo said he is perplexed, as he doesn’t know whether to term Archbishop Banda’s statement as theological, doctrinal or political.

Bishop Mambo noted that it is on record that President Hichilema has repeatedly stated that he abhors homosexuality and that there are adequate laws to address it, how else should he address it other than through the realms of the rule of law that is already provided for by the constitution, to expect the President to comment on every incident of every crime smack of ulterior motives and a hidden agenda by his accusers.

“Can you let President Hakainde Hichilema work to emancipate the people from poverty, keeping him busy on matters that are adequately covered by law takes away valuable time from critical issues that affect all citizens,” Bishop Mambo noted

Bishop Mambo explained that the question of homosexuality is a troubling issue that has dogged societies and particularly churches for ages, taking a rather simplistic approach laced with veiled partisan political undertones demeans the criticality of the subject, as this is a serious matter of great concern.

He added that homosexuality threatens and knocks at every family door, walks in every street corner and begs for a hearing and salvation at every Church pulpit, the Church must therefore help than pour scorn!

“On his return flight from the 2013 World Youth Day in Brazil, Pope Francis made his now famous statement: “If a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing to, who am I to judge?” Bishop Mambo cited

Bishop Mambo said that his own personal interpretation of the Holy Father is that sin must be condemned in its entirety, but the sinner must be given the human dignity and love he deserves as a creature of God, that is not to mean sin should be embraced.

“Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you? No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, neither do I, go and sin no more.” Bishop Mambo said

Bishop Mambo mentioned that this is the doctrine Archbishop Alick Banda should be championing, the doctrine of love, repetence and forgiveness, not of hate, bitterness and the stereotypes, not a doctrine of animosity against a politician one doesn’t support, nor the divisive theologies that turn citizens against each other.

The Bishop added that until Archbishop Banda begins to look inwards with the same passion and intensity, he looks at the outside, accusations of partiality will follow him, like many other churches that are grappling with sin, the Catholic Church has challenges that the Pope himself has acknowledged and, in some cases, has apologised to the entire indigenous and vulnerable communities and victims, without looking for a President to apportion blame.

“We have challenging issues of celibacy and priests abusing the vulnerable they swore to protect, at home here we have priests that were willing to help in rigging an election to ensure their party of preference carries the day, these were priests under Archbishop Bishop Banda’s stewardship, did he speak against this injustice and criminality? Did he speak out for hundreds of Zambians that perished during the gassing?” Bishop Mambo mentioned

Yesterday, Catholic Archbishop of Lusaka Alick Banda issued a statement on the call to action against offensive tendencies and addressing thorny issues inter alia other issues that seem to be slowly taking root in the society, as he noticed an increasing promotion of gay rights and rising sodomy cases in the country.

He stated that it is unfortunate, that the Law Enforcement Agents and the President who took oath to protect the Constitution seem to be paying a blind eye to the issues of homosexuality.

“The question that begs an answer is: Is it by design or by default?” he stated

Archbishop Banda noted that in the last 12 months, the country has witnessed an increase in the number of incidents and events that promote LGBTG+ tendencies contrary to the Laws of Zambia and the Zambian culture. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of incidents of sodomy where boys and men are raped by fellow boys and men with impunity.

The Archbishop noted with concern how the on Tuesday the 17th May 2022, the Swedish and Finnish Embassies in Lusaka flew gay pride flags, contrary to the provisions of article 20 of the Vienna Convention which allows foreign missions to only fly the flag and emblem of their country of origin on their premises. Additionally, on Saturday, the 3rd September 2022, a company called PR Girl Media Limited hosted an event dubbed “Lusaka July 2022” at Lusaka Polo Club. Pictures and videos that emerged from this event showed attendants double dressing in attires of the opposite sex and appearing to promote LGBTQ+ behaviour.

“Subsequent to the above events, we have witnessed several cases of sodomy and homosexuality on the increase in our society much to the displeasure and disapproval of the general public,” he said

He however said that, on Friday, the 16th September 2022, when a group of concerned citizens decided to undertake a peaceful protest in order to raise awareness to the ever-escalating cases of homosexuality and sodomy in the country, the Police were quick to apprehend them together with journalists who were covering the event. These were detained, arrested and charged with unlawful assembly.

“The above events are alarming, if nothing is done to raise awareness among our people, LGBTQ+ will become an acceptable norm in Zambia, despite the existence of laws that criminalises these activities and worse still being offensive to our Cultural and Christian values,” Archbishop Banda said


  1. Mr. John Mambo has no credibility to comment on such matters. He’s a priest for hire. He’s a defender of criminals as long as he’s paid. He was almost sent to prison for being in contempt of the Court. I’ll not catalogue his misdeeds for he’s a rogue priest. Pentecostals are a fraud

  2. To start with in which capacity is Mr Mambo speaking on behalf of the president?
    Next by blind eye it’s because it appears no one seems to be making any effort to curb the scourge but those protesting against it have been arrested.
    Personally I would like to see where people involved are brought to book not just mere words of denials or simply say it’s ok people can marry anyway they want

  3. I think most of us know why Mr. Mambo is making his statement, so won’t bother to mention it.

    Mr. Mambo there was nothing wrong or false in Bishop Banda’s statement. Its clear to any reasonable person.

  4. Biden supports gays and Lesbians, Tony Blair supported gays and Lesbians. In short the western world is pro gay and pro lesbians. The western world have become our friends and openly willing to give us money. Does anyone strongly believe we can say no to their support of homosexuals???

  5. is zambia really a christian nation? for me its not and it shall never going to be, if a bishop can came out defending what is ungodly even citing what the pope what jesus said to try to defend a wrong practice its a betrayal to his followers, it doesn’t mean if one is catholic cant speek agnest homoz ( batty boys ) no, bishop banda i believe spock as a leader who is concerned over the growing and publicly display of batty boys ( homoz )

  6. It is totally wrong to blame politicians for such vises. Was it King Bera who started it all, no. It was the people themselves in the city of Sodom and Gomora.
    Churches nowadays most be mature enough to realize that society needs prayers and fasting so that the holy spirit can intercede in our failures as a human society.
    It is time the churches come together to pray and fast together because there is one and only one holy spirity.
    Divided we are is the way to self-destruction.

  7. But Bishop Mambo you know Alick Banda is a PF cadre. How many times should a President say we do not support LGBT in this country. HH and the government have said it many times, and there are enough laws in this country. Nothing has changed, the way PF left the law on homosexuality is the way UPND has maintained it so why are idle minds brewing a storm in a tea cup. This is a non issue, where evidence is there Police move in

    • Bishop John Mambo is right to out-rightly defend the notion that President HH has repeatedly expressed his displeasure over gay rights in Zambia. what else do they want him to say as he has already said enough of it. People should focus on to how help Zambian people but not to find faults in the innocent


  9. And you call this man a Bishop…..Christianity is a scam….they don’t do what they preach….ZAMBIANS THOUGHT US$1.3 BILLION WAS MANNER FROM HEAVEN….kikikikikiki just wait…..UPND will end up worse than PF…..Bishop Mambo is a begger and a big crook….he even steals money from his fake NGO Chikondi Foundation…..he should be ashamed of himself…ZAMBIA IS OFFICIALLY A GAY COUNTRY…HH AND MUSOKOTWANE BUSY CHEWING KALOBA

  10. Very disponting from Bishop Mambo and some of these titles we hear are demonic by the carries of the titles.This man is paid and because he is a chirman of the organisation headed by govt does not mean he can speak agaist the values of our nation.Zambia will and shall not entertain sodomy and homesexuality.we dont want to invite sodom and Gomora upon our land.

  11. This gentleman is absolutely correct.
    “If a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing to, who am I to judge?”
    There are many gay people who are Christian’s, I know gay and lesbian Christians, I know many Catholic priests are.
    Christianity does not belong to haters and people who are homophobic, they think it does. Christianity means “someone who believes in Christ” and shows kindness to others, not hatred.
    Now let us put things into perspective here, how many cases of gay rapes have there been? Not many, like some people are trying to make you believe.
    In comparison there have been hundreds of rapes against young girls (when you all use the gentler term “defilement”). Yet about this issue most of you keep quiet.
    I would not be surprised if some of you writing these…

  12. Cont,,,,
    I would not be surprised if some of you writing these comments of hatred are perpetrators of these crimes against young girls. Yet there is not the same outcry.
    Most of you who have commented write stuff like if there was no LBGT rights or gay people are killed, Zambia would be debt free, poverty would be eliminated, all Zambians would go to bed at night fully feed.
    No wonder the world sees Africans as backward and still living in the dark ages.

  13. For it is said, how many times should HH disclaim the homosexuality for some idle minds to believe him. The man has said it and demonstrated a million times, Minister of Home Affairs even laid it out in parliament yesterday of how many people have been arrested over these homosexuality issues, What more do you want . Alick is pushing open an open door and attacking HH and government unnecessarily. Bishop John Mambo is on firm ground on this

  14. Its true Alick is pf what is he going to say if a catholic priest is caught read handed with a woman in chifubu are we going to blame HH

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