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Government pledges investigations into Kapapula’s gruesome murder


The government has said that it will do everything possible to find those responsible for the death of Mwense Council Chairperson Humphrey Kapapula. Luapula Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Royd Mwansa says the government is saddened by the untimely death of the Mwense Council Chairperson adding that it will do its level best to bring those culprits to book.

Speaking when he visited the funeral house for the late Council Chairperson, Mr. Mwansa said death of such nature will not be condoned in the country.

“ It is unacceptable for the country to continue losing lives of its citizens in unclear circumstances, “ he said.

And Mwense District Commissioner Happyton Mwape says it is shocking that the people of Mwense have lent of the death of the council chairperson.

Mr Mwape explained that he received a call around 04 hours today informing him about the death of the Council Chairperson and that upon arrival at scene, he found the body of the late Council Chairperson lying in pool of blood eight bruises on the body.

Meanwhile, Mrs Susan Kaula , mother of the deceased, says the family is in deep shock after learning of the untimely death of the deceased whom she described as being in good health prior to his death.

Mrs. Kalula explains that as a family they are looking up to government to help them find justice for their late son who has died in unclear circumstances.

The body of the late Council Chairperson for Mwense Mr. Humphrey Kapapula was found in a pool of blood in the early hours of today in an unexplained circumstances.

Police in the area have since commenced investigations.

And Zambia Police has issued the following statement concerning the murder

Mwense Police Station today the September 22, 2022 at 06:10 hours received a report from M/Chabala Win Chongo aged 49 of Shichama village of Kashiba Chiefdom in Mwense district who reported through a phone call that he had found a dead body of a male person lying near a Mazda BT 50 Twin Cab Registration number BAA 5474, metallic grey in colour.

It was found along the gravel road heading to Nyembe Kaoma Farm about 300 meters off Mwense/Mansa road and about 150 meters from the farm.

Police rushed to the scene and confirmed the incident. The deceased has been identified as M/Humphrey Kapapula aged 48 of Mwense who was the Council Chairperson for Mwense Town Council. He was found lying on the ground near the rear right door which was open.

He was lying half naked with the trousers and pant on knee level. On physical examination, the body was found with a small cut on the left eye, bleeding from the penis and bruises on the forehead.

The Body has been deposited in Mwense District Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem to ascertain the actual cause of death.
Police have instituted investigations into the matter.

Rae Hamoonga


  1. The criminal might have run into the DRC through Kashiba border post. It’ll be interesting to find out the motive. And why cut his manhood?

  2. Why should you pledge and politicise everything …if this was just any other person would you be doing this? The Police are already looking into it are you going to give this case special attention….we have a long way to go!!

  3. This is sad. Hope the family pull through.
    Who ever did this is trying to make it look like a ritual killing. In most cases it diverts the attention needed to catch would be perpetrators.

  4. This is quite sad indeed. The truth will surely be known, however, it sounds to me likely an issue related to marriage/relationship interference. No one would murder someone in that manner without stealing anything from them. The wife could have a clue. MHSRIP.

  5. Going after someone’s wife. This was a revenge killing that’s why the manhood was chopped and the vehicle was not even stolen.

  6. Sounds like some kind of BDSM s€x gone awfully wrong… you know the one about S@d0mas0ch!sm type.
    The police so only “bruises, cut on the left eye and bleeding from the pen!s” k!lled the man? No wound or evidence of blunt force sustained? C’mon now!
    Now how incompetent our police are, it is expecting a bit too much promising that they will solve the case… they will certainly try to implicate some innocent person.

  7. Hmmm… ati “death of such nature will not be condoned in the country.”. Is there death of any nature that should be condoned?

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