STIs on the increase in Chinsali District

The Newly Constructed Chinsali General Hospital due to open in February
The Newly Constructed Chinsali General Hospital due to open in February

A medical practitioner in Muchinga Province has raised concerns over the increasing levels of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Chinsali district.

Muchinga Provincial Health Director, David Silweya says the district hospital has recently recorded an increase in STIs with Syphilis being the most prominent infection.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Chinsali today, Dr. Silweya stated that the increase in the infections can be attributed to unprotected sexual intercourse as well as having multiple sexual partners.

He explained that the infections have been established to be prominent among adolescents ranging from 15 to 30 years old.

Dr. Silweya added that the rate at which infections are moving will also increase on the HIV prevalence rate.

He stressed the need for behavioral change among adolescents who shy away from seeking medical care promptly.

“There is a problem with many youths feeling shy to seek medical services involving STIs and there is need to intensify sensitization in this area,” he said.

He further mentioned that the increase in STIs, the Ministry of Health has embarked on the renovation of a youth friendly space at the district hospital in a bid to improve reproductive health services to the community.

The Provincial Health Director said the structure which is undergoing renovations is nearing completion adding that other services have been incorporated.

He named some of the services as Gender Based Violence (GBV) counselling as well as family planning besides STI screening and treatment.

“This structure will offer comprehensive services with peer educators and health staff”, he stated.

Dr. Silweya further reaffirmed the Ministry of Health’s commitment towards improving access to reproductive health care services across Muchinga Province.

Meanwhile, Bowa Mulenga, a Chinsali youth has called on her fellow youths to desist from engaging in unprotected sexual activities.

Mulenga said the rampant sexual activities in the district portray a bad representation of youths who are future leaders of the country.

She added that many diseases related to sexual activities, are spread due to substance abuse especially among youths.


  1. Metal to metal is not good, it can lead to diseases that cannnot be cured. Need for education to the population especially the youth, Abstinence is the best

  2. There is no any other better solution to problems that are as a result of us going against the will and word of God, by sinning willfully. The only better solution is to stop indulging in immoral activities, in particular we ought to stop indulging in sexual immorality.

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