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Anyone Found Practicing Or Promoting Homosexuality Will Be Liable For Presecution – Mwiimbu


Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security says his Ministry is working in close collaboration with the Zambia Police Service in addressing issues pertaining to the rising homosexuality acts in the country.

In a ministerial statement read in the National Assembly, the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwimbu mentioned that Zambia is a Christian nation whose governance is anchored on Christian values and morals.

“The government stands firm that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) practice is illegal in Zambia,” Mr Mwimbu stated

Mwimbu disclosed that the Zambia Police Service have so far recorded a total number of 18 cases of sodomy country wide as from the 1st of January 2022 to the 20th of September 2022.

He added that Lusaka province has recorded seven (7) cases of sodomy with five (5) arrests made and two (2) are under investigation, and on the Copperbelt seven (7) cases have been recorded, with six (6) arrests and one (1) case still under investigation, while Muchinga province has recorded one (1) case and one (1) arrest.

Mr Mwiimbu further added that the Tazara division in Mpika recorded one (1) case and with one (1) person arrested, which resulted in a conviction and sentencing to seven (7) years imprisonment with hard labour, while Eastern and Western provinces recorded one (1) case and one (1) arrest each respectively.

“And currently the Police are investigating four (4) suspects, two (2) of which are from Lusaka one (1) from the Copperbelt and one (1) from Western province,” Mr Mwiimbu revealed

The Minister has since warned that anyone found practicing and promoting any unnatural offences shall be liable to prosecution in the court of laws.

Mr Mwimbu reaffirmed the government’s position on the need for citizens to uphold the moral values and principles of society in line with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

And stating firmly the government’s stance on the recent controversial Lusaka July event which was characterized by homosexuality expressions and the recent cases of sodomy recorded in the country, Mr Mwiimbu disclosed in Parliament that any acts of homosexuality will not be condoned in the country.

Mr Mwiimbu noted that the government did not sponsor the Lusaka July event as purported in some sections of the media, but merely participated in the launch after the organizers asked the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to partner with them to market the event as a fashion show, with the aim to promote fashion tourism.

The Minister cited that in accordance with the law, homosexuality is a criminal activity that should be treated as such, adding that the government will ensure that such behavior and conduct are prevented to ensure national morals and values are adhered to.

Mr Mwiimbu described the acts of sodomy as a criminal act that has the potential to destroy the country’s moral fiber hence, the need for leaders across political, religious and community divide to work at rooting out this vice, and morals of the country are not eroded.

He further urged the public to desist and be careful when passing comments on the issues surrounding the LGBTQ rights as it has international ramifications.

Mr Mwiimbu explained that President Hakainde Hichilema has on many occasions made pronouncements on this matter, that the government does not and will not accept any acts of homosexuality.

The Minister stated that the issue of homosexuality should not be trivialized by bringing in political connotations, as he has heard of mischievous leaders who have been stating that the United Party for National Development (UPND) has not been condemning the acts of homosexuality, when it has been done on several occasions.

“We have made commitments that this country will not condone homosexuality,” Mr Mwiimbu said



  2. thank you uncle jack much respect to you, been gay ( batty bwoy ) is not and it will never going to be a human right, but what surprises me is this why tell the zambian ati (He further urged the public to desist and be careful when passing comments on the issues surrounding the LGBTQ rights as it has international ramifications. ) maybe they is same thing we are missing.

  3. Kikikikiki @ Tikki Zambia has now degenerated into a 4th world country,,,,,,we told you….don’t mess with the West especially if they’re offering you bread crumbs..US$1.3 Billion…..and you can imagine whats not being reported…

    • You are right, when you have to beg money from them, they will make you dance to your tune. So the first question should be why you have to begging money from them. The reason is that the PF that you support borrowed and then swindled $31 billion, leaving Zambia in a debt it cannot pay. Zambia therefore has to beg these people to help it pay for its needs and to restructure its debt. This situation is the fault of the people you support

  4. In all honest……Mr. Mwiimbu is not the right minister for Home affairs and Internal security. In opposition he was very vocal and ferrocious. But as a minister, he is too soft. We know he is a lawyer ……but not keep the country safe from Criminals. The police has gone back to its old ways. The “normal police corruption ” is back. The gays and lesbians are having their good time and publicly desplaying their July merchandise.
    Jack was better a minister of Justice or Chief Justice. Not home affairs.

  5. In his speech at the UN General Assembly sleepy Joe Biden vowed to protect the rights of the Lesbians and gays. He will not tollerate anyone that violets the the rights of this group. Some top officials from top money lenders and are self confessed gays and lesbians. We have just gotten money from the west that support gays and Lesbians. I doubt if Biden and all these people will be quiet when Jack starts arresting homosexuals and gays in this country. We know what happened in Uganda, Malawi and even here in Zambia when some gays were arrested. Their strong representatives from the west came to defend them . Jack…..GO AHEAD AND ARREST them and lets what BIDEN AND HIS TEAMS WILL DO. Its trick . You cannot take their money and take away the rights of” their members”

  6. There are many priorities for Zambia right now and not this non issue. Just falling into the trap of detractors. Let sharp cadre analysts debate this and NOT government.

  7. Thank you Minister Mwimbu for standing up for the morals of our country, which are currently under threat by the decadent Alphabet agenda. Keep speaking out against this immoral threat that has cast it’s dark shadow over Zambia. Don’t worry about international ramifications. Zambia is a sovereign State. We’ll not allow the corrupt West to corrupt our country. And don’t just talk. Show that you’re serious by arresting the gay law breakers.

  8. Junk Mwii you are on video in parliament when you were in opposition advocating for minority rights. What has changed! This is a disgraceful government that have no shame and no sense of responsibility

  9. Anyone Found Practicing . Mmmm how are you gonna find them in the act? You will spy on citizens?

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