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LGBTQ Debate: Of Hypocrites, Philanderers & Slanderers!


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

The other day, a senior Catholic cleric issued a stinging attack on President Hichilema, accusing him of playing a blind eye to the burning issue of homosexuality in the nation!

“In the last 12 years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of incidents and events that promote LGBTQ tendencies contrary to the laws of Zambia and our Zambian culture. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of incidents of sodomy where boys and men are raped by fellow boys and men with impunity,” he speculated.

The Bishop further expressed concern at the hosting of an event dubbed Lusaka July where pictures and videos emerged showing attendants double dressing in attires of the opposite sex and appearing to promote LGBTQ behaviour.

Curiously, a catholic priest, who is expected to be a paragon of good morals in society, is reported to have died in the bosoms of his girl friend in Ndola during the same time. Efforts to cover up this unholy union proved futile as the information had already leaked and spread like wild fire!

Isn’t it therefore hypocritical for the Bishop to rush into picking a speck in the eyes of the president, and conviniently choosing to neglect the log that has remained embedded in the eyes of the Catholic Church over the years – inter alia, sodomy, fornication and adultery, involving some very senior priests for that matter! What has the Church done about it?

If we may add salt to injury, did the Lusaka July begin last year or way before UPND formed government? Why then does the good Bishop want to drag an innocent soul all the way to Golgotha and crucify him?

Thank God, Bishop John Mambo has joined the fray and added his voice to the debate as reasonable as possible. He writes, “Like many other Churches that are grappling with sin, the Catholic Church has challenges that the Pope himself has acknowledged and in some cases has apologized to entire indigenous and vulnerable communities and victims, without looking for a president to blame!”

Interestingly, a medical Doctor who has no time keeping himself busy in the wards but rather jumping at every opportunity to entangle himself in protests of one sort or another, has written to the police informing them of his intentions to march to State House to present a petition to the president about what he deems to be the spiralling ugodly sexual acts in the nation – a so called Christian nation!

However, records will show that the president has on umpteenth times unequivocally clarified the position of the New Dawn Administration on this matter. How many times do you want the man to state his position on this matter? Do you want him to abdicate his other responsibilities and concentrate on tackling homosexuality? How do you even go about addessing this problem when it’s actually perpetrated behind the closed doors?

Although she has somehow been slow to respond, it’s gratifying that Information Minister and Chief Gvernment Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda has finally come out it in the open and reaffirmed that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender practice remains illegal in Zambia. What more do you expect government to do?

Stop being hypocrites and slanderers when you are actually philanderers yourselves!


  1. First the Catholic priest who spoke is not the one who was killed in Ndola and his views shouldn’t be conflicted with the priest was killed in Ndola.
    And the priest in Ndola did not die in the bosom of his supposed girlfriend as the report is that he was found maddened by way of stabbing near the girlfriends house not in the bosom and the writer im sure knows this but deliberately chooses to spruce his shallow article.
    lastly his three topics in one article are so not fitting his article subject at all its like he just had to write something to fill the space

    • Just like you, the report did not say the priest was stabbed. It said a brick was found next to his body. Clearly you’re one of those hypocrites peddling the LGBTQ agenda like this Lusaka archibishop.

  2. First the Catholic priest who spoke in Lusaka is not the one who was killed in Ndola and his views shouldn’t be conflicted with the priest was killed in Ndola.
    And the priest in Ndola did not die in the bosom of his supposed girlfriend as the report is that he was found maddered by way of stabbing near the girlfriends house not in the bosom and the writer I’m sure knows this but deliberately chooses to spice up his shallow article.
    Lastly his three topics in one article are so not fitting his article subject at all its like he just had to write something to fill the space


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  3. This is the same Catholic Church that shielded is Priests accused of sexual acts in Europe to poor developing countries in Africa and South America. Can you imagine what vile vampire like that can do in rural areas where he has all these choir boys helping him clean his house and access to pupils at Boys Schools.

  4. Do what I say and not what I do. The reason we say that nothing changed is that to many UPND members and sympathizers, anything wrong isn’t wrong if the PF once did it. Even senior members will tell you off to say “this is what the PF were doing and you didn’t condemn them”. It’s poor judgement to put ECL and PF as the yardstick for your performance. Set your own agenda. Trying to outdo the PF won’t take you anywhere. If the PF beat 10 people the UPND aren’t ashamed to beat 7 and claim that they have improved the record of beating as less people are being beaten. What kind of thinking is that? One day you’ll come here and tell us that you should have listened and that day may not be long

  5. One thing you should put to mind is that zambia is a democracy people have rights to petition who ever they want especially when the person who is been petitioned is not responding, it gives people room to start thinking and ask more, yes in the catholic we had and still have such scandals but it doesn’t mean that if you are catholic you are not suppose or make your concend known noooooo. always remember that the presidents sit is a hot sit anything any happening in the nation we all look to the head. and for the doctor he has constitutional right to petition who ever he wants, we should thank such people because they are trying very hard to keep the face of zambia as a christian nation. for john mambo bishop to came out like that (He writes, “Like many other Churches that are…

  6. At the UN General Assembly…..BIDEN was ranting about protecting human rights and emphasised on the rights of the LGBT (lesbians & Gays). We cheered!! What does that mean?

  7. The Catholic priests are big adulterers wherever u go. They sleep with many married churchmates. My sister in law in chigola was caught red handed with a priest in 2004. 2yrs ago another priest in lsk killed a woman due to his extraordinary libido. The poor asthmatic woman couldn’t manage the weight and long sexual duration of the Catholic priest.she died at the parish .shame on u alick banda.

  8. Given their record in public domain, It is a sad truism that the Catholic church ought to be the last to condemn others over improper sexual activities. As a leader himself, Alick should show more maturity and project guardianship of his flock instead of singling out and apportioning blame to others.

  9. For those who are now conveniently balancing the blame on both PF and UPND shame on you. You know the narrative has been that UPND promotes homosexuality – when that is not the position. This Article is spot on. We have a lot of Pretenders and Hypocrites in this country. Its just good that God exposes wrong doers at some point in time.


  11. “They said ‘close your eyes we pray”. By the time we opened our eyes, they had the land and we had the bible” Bishop Desmond Tutu
    “I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.” Bishop Desmond Tutu

  12. KKKK the issue is homosexual and not the prists or the bishop,the issue at hand is sodomy and homosexual and stop delidalling.Can some one say something on this barbelic behavour of people with ill minds,antchristian,ant bible people with mind of satan because not even animals can do such shame shame shame on you.

  13. The problem here concerning this subject is that you want to assign blame in this case to the UPND Government and its leadership, to portray a picture that they are in support of this LGBT agenda and failing to act on those perceived to be practicing the vice. Those championing the cause are not sincere so as to speak the truth and make people understand that this is a problem affecting all of us and that we should put our efforts together to fight it. Opposition leaders now think they have found a weepon which they can use to fight those in power. In such a scenario the nation at large will emerge as the main looser on this fight. We know that many evils take place every day in secrecy among the human population. Take prostitution for example, these sins have been with us from time…

  14. Writers such as this one makes LT just a gossip paper as if with brainless followers but thank God zambia has do many level headed people.

  15. Constitution of Argentina.
    Article 19:
    ‘The private actions of men which in no way offend public order or morality, nor injure a third party, are only reserved to God and are exempted from the authority of judges. No inhabitant of the Nation shall be obliged to perform what the law does not demand nor deprived of what it does not prohibit.’

  16. Cuba have had a referendum and are overwhelmingly supporting same sex marriage, Where id Fred Mmembe going to get his support? From these peddlers of homosexuality?? Answer Dr Mmembe..

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