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10 dies on the spot in Road Traffic Accident in Lusaka


Manda Hill Police post recorded a Fatal Road Accident that involved eleven fatalities(Ten died on the spot and one at the hospital). The accident involved a male driver Warrant Officer Class Two Spoon who was driving a Zambia National Service Low bed truck registration number ZNS 666F from West to East whose damage was front part extensively damaged and the driver died on the spot.

Also involved was the unknown male driver who was driving a Toyota Hiace registration number ARB 2617 from the direction of East to West which had 14 Passengers on board. Nine passengers from the Public Service Vehicle sustained fatal injuries while five passengers sustained serious injuries all are admitted at Levy Mwanawasa. The driver of the minibus is among the dead comprising of Seven males and Four females. The minibus was extensively damaged.

Another vehicle involved was a Toyota Corolla registration number BAD 8759 that was driven by male Fred Kadongole which had a damaged front right fender, right Headlamp, and bonnet. The driver escaped unhurt.

The accident occurred due to excessive speed by the driver of the Toyota Hiace who lost control of the motor vehicle and went to hit into the Zambia National Service low bed Truck head-on that was in the opposite lane. This occurred at around 06:00 hours at the Junction of the University of Zambia along Great East Road.

The eight bodies of the deceased have been deposited in University Teaching Hospital Mortuary while three are at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital Mortuary awaiting identification, post-mortem and burial.


  1. Am planning to set up a first responders/ Emmergency Medical Aid company in Zambia…hopefully Spaka and Tarino Orange plus Kaizar Zulu can partner with me….there’re alot of used Ambulances in good condition on sale here in the USA….we can get Nubian Princess on board also since she works as a nurse

    • Saulosi – This is a serious article and you are posting dark humour/ dark comedy ..are you a full Shilling upstairs? Anyway the best place to get Ambulances is UK or German Auction houses.

  2. I dont know why they dont faze out these Matatu mini buses ..everytime you travel on them you are rolling the dice as these are 8 seaters but converted to 16 seaters. Kenya had them but now have bigger minibuses with a chasis of a light truck. PF was on the right track but got cold feet….you need to be very brave and get rid of them or class them as taxis.

  3. Oh, no! I will miss the number 10. It was a good number. Why should it die? It is not right to count from 9 to 11 without 10.
    Condolences to the bereaved families.

  4. Reporters need to improve. You lazy lecturers teach them how to paraphrase. And why do you give us vehicle Registration plates? I’ve never seen this anywhere else in the world. And I’ve been to 187 countries

  5. @Tarino Orange
    You know that most people die of car accidents in Zambia or other African countries because of lack of Emergency Medical Care….why cant Diasporans start putting money together and start buying used Medical Equipment…like Ambulances, stretchers etc… many Zambians are in Europe and USA…..something can be done…only if we can get serious people on ground who can manage the resources but the only problem is if you send an ambulance today within 3 weeks it will be out of service because of misuse…but we can still find a way to help or set up an Emergency Accident Funds account and start buying used Emergency medical equipment..think about it man

    • C’mon You are talking about setting up a charity where you are buying used vehicles with varying shelf lives …its not economical not sustainable …what you need is set up a coach works that coverts Brand New or low mileage Panel vans like Ford Transits, Mercedes Vans, Toyota Hiace into Ambulances or Police Vans or Prisoners Transport vehicles I am sure a market is there in Southern African govts like in Malawi, DRC, Tanzania etc.

  6. The best solution to this problem of reckless driving and irresponsible accident is to set up a permanent commission or a ministry. Such a ministry o department must be given the responsibility to cleanse all the driving licenses in Zambia. By cancelling all driving licenses in Zambia and impose strict driving schools where potential drivers would learn both theory and practical lessons. This is the only remedy. In Zambia it is not a secret that 95% of the licenses are and were issued through corruption and briberies. Every youngman or alcohol/drugs addicted would easily obtain a license in Zambia. He only needs courage to go on the road. While the west this is almost impossible. I have a lot of friends without any driving experience but all in position of driving licenses.

  7. This is the consequence of allowing CHILDREN to drive buses. Whoever revised downward the age for PSV licence issuance should be fired!

  8. RTSA, such accidents expose your irrelevance. If we have highway patrols, it would greatly reduce the number of road accidents. The other problem is that minibus drivers are in cohoots with traffic police officers and get away with almost anything apart from death. RTSA is pathetic when it comes to road traffic management, they are only proficient in giving fines, collecting road tax and fitness. RTSA is a drain on national resources and should be looked at to see its relevance!

  9. As TO has stated above………..

    Speed delimiters is the best and easiest solution to this carnage……….

    Public service vehicles should have a lower speed limit.

    If this was PF , albeit in their corruption, some cader or minister would see an opportunity and convince GRZ to implement a law of speed delimiters on all public transport , and would have gotten the contract to supply delimiters……..

    Lives would be saved………..

  10. What is missing is motor vehicle fitness. These mini buses do not have certificates of any sort. The police allow them to operate because they get “allowances” from the drivers first thing in the morning. I take interest in checking the wind screen on the mini bus before boarding. More often than not these buses have several outdated certificates stuck on the wind screen. Losing control can be attributed to overspending coupled with poor mechanical state.
    Condolences to the mourning families

  11. Read my LIPS. Human beings are dying on spot like animals why the President and his Ministers are now attaining fat stomachs by eating and enjoying red blooded m
    game meats. Do they even remember and ask themselves why President Kenneth Kaunda even stopped eating meat?

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