Police Detain Man for Swindling a job seeker out of K13, 000


Police have detained a 40-year-old man of Chililabombwe for swindling a job seeker out of K13, 000 after being on the run for over a year.

Mr. Patrick Chola Mabula of Lubengele in Chililabombwe is in police custody for obtaining money from Lazarous Chanda, aged-24 of Kakoso South in Chililabombwe on pretext that he would help him secure a job in the Zambia Army as a soldier last year.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu say the incident occurred between January 2021 and February 2021 in Chililabombwe but the suspect disappeared and was only arrested this week.

Ms. Zulu said the suspect told the victim that he was a soldier working in United Nations Operations in Russia after the two met at the court.

She said the suspect stopped picking up calls and eventually varnished soon after he was paid K2,000 cash while the reminder was deposited in his mobile money account.

‘Obtaining money by false Pretences Contrary to Sec.309 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia /Personating a Public Officer Contrary to Section 102 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. The matter was initially reported at Chililabombwe Police Station on 01/07/21 at 1600hrs in which male Lazarous Chanda, aged-24 of new Plots, Kakoso South Chililabombwe, a businessman , reported that a person he came to know as Male Patrick Chola Mabula, of X 211 Lubengele Chililabombwe, aged-40, obtained money from him amounting to K13 000.00, on pretext that he would help him secure a job in the recruitment of Zambia Army as a Soldier. The incident occurred between January 2021 and February 2021 in Chililabombwe,” Ms. Zulu said.

“The victim is further claiming that the suspect informed him that he himself was a soldier working in United Nations Operations in Russia. Facts in brief are that, on unknown date but in January 2021 the victim met the suspect at Chililabombwe Magistrates Courts for the first time and they sat together as they waited for court cases. The victim saw how smartly- dressed the police officers were on that day and he began to indicate to everyone who was there as to how much he wishes to be a police officer. Upon hearing that, the suspect pulled him aside and indicated to him that he was a soldier and he would help him join the army if he wishes. The two later exchanged numbers and began to communicate. At one point the victim was even taken to the suspect’s place where he was shown pictures of men in Zambia Army Uniform and pointed at one of them to be himself, though the face was masked,” Ms. Zulu said.

“The victim was asked to pay money on different days for recruitment, training and other logistics. The money paid amounted to K13.000.00 Part of the payment was in hard cash (K2000) while the rest was deposited in mobile account money No. 0764945055. After monies were payed the suspect stopped picking up calls and eventually varnished. The matter was then reported to the police.”

“Investigations were instituted and on 21/09/22 around 19.00hrs the suspect was apprehended from Kasumbalesa border after the complainant was tipped and immediately alerted the Police. It’s during interrogation that it learned that the suspect had actually relocate from Chililabombwe to Lubengele area at Kasumbalesa border and he mostly reside in Congo D.R of Kasumbalesa side.He further indicated during interview, that he was not a soldier and that he obtained money from the victim because he was also swindled in a similar manner by unknown people through Facebook. The same is detained in lawful police custody awaiting to be charged and arrested for court proceedings.We further wish to inform members of the public who could have lost money in this similar scam in Chililabombwe, Kasumbalesa or indeed from this named suspect to report to Chililabombwe Police Station so that your case can be reactivated and punitive will be taken against the suspect,” she concluded.


  1. This is how un-enterprising many Zambians are. K13,000 is enough money for one to start a business. But this gentleman parts with all that with the hope that he’ll find a job. Zambians take pride in being on salary no matter how meagre. I have heard of people who pay as much as K4,000 to be employed as a security guard on a monthly salary of K800! Under the PF some were paying as much as K20,000 to employed as teachers. If you have such kind of money when you’re not working why can’t you build a business?

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