Thursday, June 20, 2024

FAZ Finally Confirm Divorce With Asanovic


It is official; Aljosa Asanovic and FAZ have parted ways in one of the briefest Chipolopolo reigns by a foreign coach in the new millennium.

The Croatian quit this week following a back-and-forth exchange with FAZ over pay and his month long absence from work away from Zambia.

“Following weeks of fruitless efforts to get the coach to return to his workstation and resolve contractual matters, we have been notified by Mr. Aljosa Asanovic through his lawyers that he has quit his position as Zambia National Team Head Coach,” FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala said.

“Understandably, after failure to meet some of the key performance indicators and propensity to leave his workstation after every international assignment made his position untenable.”

Asanovic alleges FAZ owes him three-months pay while FAZ claim the coach went AWOL for over a month after failing to qualify Zambia for the 2023 CHAN on July 30.

Asanovic has been in charge for just eight months following his appointment in January.

From 10 official matches in charge, Asanovic record stands at 5 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses.


  1. So who is chewing US$1.3 billion if the government is failing to pay….HH is will end up as the richest President in the World…..don’t say i didn’t warn you

  2. *****ic statement by FAZ. They failed to pay the coach and have also failed running football in the country. These mercenaries need to resign.

  3. Kamanga and his FAZ should resign. Otherwise soccer fans should protest like the Man U fans are doing. They are the biggest losers we have ever had in Zambia’s football history. Since Kamanga’s arrival the entire soccer loving nation doesnt know what the word “Victory” means.

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  5. Hahahahahahahahah! Comedy! Kamanga has failed! We shouted thief when Kalusha Bwalya was President now without “corruption” the football standards have are at the lowest.

  6. There’s no sane person that can work with Andrew Ndanga Kamanga. How coaches have been with Chipolopolo since he took over from King Kalu?

  7. Twalemyeba. This guy Kamanga has never managed any football successfully. Ask Kabwe Warriors. The sooner we boot him out the better for Zedian football. There are numerous other soccer administrators who can bring victory back into Zedian soccer

  8. I posted that the coach had decided to leave after seeing the confusion at FAZ House. If there are any football lovers out there lets march on FAZ house and demand for this entire admin to step down. They are squandering out finaNCES

  9. FAZ is problem
    Get rid of them as a matter of urgency
    I think we have better coaches in Janza, Wada and Beston although put together they lack strategy and foresight. They all have capacity to build and qualify teams but ran out of ideas after that.

  10. The trouble is FAZs reliance on third rate foreign coaches. It is time to hire a Zambian coach and give him/her time to develop the team.We have very talented young men who should have been representing our country at the World Cup.Train future coaches and above all Zambianise the coaching post now!

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