Saturday, June 15, 2024

Wynter Kabimba urges HH to provide his team with proper Policy Documents on his Vision for Zambia


The opposition Economic Front is urging president Hakainde Hichilema to provide his Ministers and Permanent Secretaries with a proper policy document that speaks to his vision for Zambia’s social and economic development to avoid the said officials pulling in different directions.

President Hichilema recently complained that he has noted a trend where his ministers and permanent secretaries are pulling in different directions on policy matters.

Party leader Wynter Kabimba said that it is concerning that Ministers and Permanent Secretaries under the new dawn administration have no document of reference but merely speaking based on individual interpretation of their political party vision when there is need for a convergence point.

Mr. Kabimba said that it is very difficult for president Hichilema to deliver when there is a lack of direction and confusion among his officials who are not operating on common ground.

He has since recommended that the president considers issuing what he termed as a policy document to these officers that speaks to his party manifesto, in order to ensure cohesion in government.


  1. On this one Wynter has a valid point though a PS they always operate from policy documents unless they handpicked cadres with no experience of working in the civil service.

  2. Summer, please advise these chaps further, we had an accident at UNZA at 06 hrs and somebody is calling for ATMs(Police road blocks) to return on our roads, so how was a road block going to stop that over speeding mini bus at UNZA at 06. What is required is either automated speed traps which are permanent in some areas or RATSA or traffic police boarding these buses incognito, even on long distance trips

  3. I’m surprised by the accord that’s being poured on Wynter for giving sound advice. There’s a visible lack of coordination among HH’s team and therefore Wynter’s advice is timely. I’d rather we look at the substance of his advice that who he is or has been. Wynter isn’t different from any average Zambian politician, he’s in fact several cubits better than most of the novices serving in government today. It’s just difficult to advise the UNPD be cause they’re incorrigible. Wynter don’t mind these guys, they’ll remember you as they conduct a postmortem of their humiliating defeat

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