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Government commits to meet burial expenses for 12 accident victims


The government says it will meet the burial expenses for the 12 accident victims who died in a fatal road accident that occurred on Saturday along the junction of the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Road Campus.

The death toll has since risen to 12 according to the Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha who visited the bereaved families yesterday.

Mr. Mposha who is also Munali Constituency lawmaker said government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has provided food stuffs to the affected families which include mealie meal, rice and beans.

He disclosed that President Hakainde Hichilema sent DMMU through the office of the Vice President to render support to the bereaved families.

Mr Mposha who was accompanied by DMMU National Coordinator Gabriel Pollen indicated the unit will provide food stuffs to all the 12 families during the mourning period.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mposha says government will make burial arrangements for the accident victims who are going to be buried within Lusaka district.

He clarified that families who wish to put to rest their beloved ones outside Lusaka will have to meet the expenses.

The Munali lawmaker said government will only provide confins and burial sites for the deceased who are going to be buried within Lusaka where the accident occurred.

Mr Mposha said government was saddened with the death of the 12 people and has since wished the grieving families God’s guidance.

And DMMU National Coordinator Gabriel Pollen said the support being rendered to the families is aimed to ameliorate the funeral burden for the grieving families.


  1. It’s a good gesture but we need a permanent solution to this carnage. We pay the police to monitor our roads so we must know that our money is yielding good results.

  2. Let’s make defensive driving skills and first aid training compulsory for new drivers, not those lessons they learn in the stations. Some drivers no bwino bwino

  3. We need to stop this though its a good gesture the taxpayers just paid for the last accident….insurance companies should be sorting out all these payments then resolve between how the claim will be handled.

  4. Corruption is on the rise….Police officers just think of putting money in their own pockets they don’t care if the vehicle is roadworthy or not….and that’s the main issue…corruption corruption corruption…

    And when I visited Zambia…it was Mambo jambo driving on the Zambian roads….people don’t use turn signals ….people just drive at any speed…you see someone driving 80miles per hour in CBD and the other one driving 20miles per hour on the same road

  5. Government should modernize our public transport sector. How can you make Toyota Hiace as standard public transport vehicles? These vehicles were never meant to carry passengers, but tissue paper and jaggies. Losing so many people at once is not acceptable.

    • shamboko – Exactly especially with those crude cowboy modification of seats…that turns into blades in an accident, if you dont survive that you will definitely not walk again as shown in those photos. PSVs also need to fitted with speed delimiters…

  6. Stop all this rubbish talks about delimeters. Solution is to withdraw all licenses. Because 98% of licenses in Zambia are obtained through bribes. Clean up this mess. Establish good professional driving school. Introduce professional theory and practical driving lessons. With these measures accidents will be reduced to zero

    • How many of our bus drivers know how to read? Most will fail to even spell ” defensive driving”. Its time TEVETA took PSV driver trainig under its wing.

  7. As a christian nation we are very rubbish at valuing life. We should call out family and friends who post pictures online when driniking and we know very welll that after that, they drive home or to a guest house. The internet is full of over speeding vehicles killing pedestrians. I saw one where a Police was killed when he had stopped a car, a Fuso fighter just took him out. Its was in broad daylight, other vehicles had stopped but the lorry driver thought otherwise. Wont be suprised if the lorry driver is still on the road, working after clearly being careless.
    But again, we have to look at if drivers are getting a living wage. Pa zambia its a hustle, you break the rules so you can out food on the table, drive fast so you could get extra income. We can not over look this.

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