Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Atlas Mara Bank accused of delaying the CDF payment in Mwinilunga


Mwinilunga Town council chairperson Jonathan Chinyimba Atlas Mara Bank’s delay in processing the account opening is affecting the disbursement of the Constituency Development Funds ( CDF ) and implementation of projects in the area.

Mr. Chinyimba says it is challenging for his local authority to process the CDF related projects and payment as Atlas Mara bank , the only bank in the area is delaying to release account numbers of the applicants as required by the CDF guidelines.

“It is difficult for the local authority to process the cheques without the beneficiaries having bank accounts,” he said.

Mr. Chinyimba said in an interview on Thursday, that government is in a hurry to empower it’s citizens and deliver development in a timely manner saying any delays in this regard will not be tolerated.

“ I therefore advise other banking institutions to consider setting up branches in Mwinilunga so that the challenges arising from dependence on a single bank in the area can be addressed, “ he said..

Atlas Mara Mwinilunga branch manager Fackson Khwabe, when contacted for comment , clarified that the bank is opening accounts for all applicants only that priority has been given to groups and cooperatives whose projects have already been approved for funding.

“The bank is opening all accounts but with priority given to applicants whose projects have been approved for funding,” he said.

Mr. Khwabe said the bank has so far opened 126 accounts and using the approved list for funding from the local authority, more accounts are expected to be opened by end of this week.


  1. Blaming everyone for their failures but themselves

    You send dec officers to go to a former president’s residence who has immunity, just to intimidate him and to quench your insecurity. A very sad day in Zambian history. Hh lacks manners and is a childish irresponsible fraud. Don’t worry karma has a way of dealing with such.

    PF media team in the UK

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