Lusaka MFEZ to construct 4 million US Dollar Police station

UPND Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu
UPND Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu said the construction of the 4 Million US dollars police station at the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) is in tandem with the government’s policy of ensuring access to police services by all Zambians.

Mr. Mwiimbu, noted that the zone is expected to become a fully functional town adding that the police station will create an opportunity for police officers to service the upcoming communities.

He said thus in a speech read on his behalf by his Permanent Secretary Josephs Akafumba at the groundbreaking ceremony of the police station within the zone.

“The police station, once constructed, will serve the interests of your investments which include, equipment, products, holding stocks, raw materials as well as general safety for the workers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police, Lemmy Kajoba said the development of the police station will attract an influx of a number of local residents.

Mr. Kajoba said police is more than ready to ensure that there is enough security in the area.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by this deputy in charge of operations, Milner Muyambango.

MFEZ Managing Director Kennedy Mwila said the construction of the police station was initiated due to the rise of criminal activities in the area.

Mr. Mwila said some companies and investors within the zone have experienced damages to costly infrastructures such as power lines and transformers, and water pipes.

He noted that murders have also been committed within the zone adding that five bodies were picked in the last 20 months.

“This threat on investment asset and capital and on life is the reason LS MFEZ limited has made a decision to construct a police station to create assurance of security at the zone,” he explained.


    • 4MILLION DOLLARS FOR A POLICE STATION????? This will special police post:
      5 star holding cell with Double beds.
      Electric Flushing toilets.
      5 course meals with champaign.
      Laundry for inmates

  1. Why don’t you just buy a corrupt free robocop for that amount. It’s not the building people are looking for. People are looking for a police service not a police force.

  2. Under the trio of Hakainde Sammy Hichilema, Jack Muleza Mwiimbu & Remmy Kajoba the Zambia Police has become worse than they were under Edgar Changwa Lungu, Stephen Kapolyo Kampyongo and Kakoma Kanganja. Now they’ve even become tribal, your surname now matters in ZP. That’s why they’re using Monze Dollars to construct that Police Station for definitely there’s no Police Station in Zambia that can cost US$4.0M. Not even Force HQ can cost that much. That’s why I give them the benefit of a doubt. But if indeed that’s the cost of that station then we’re yet to see the worst, worse than the fire tenders


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