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Hunting license selection process to commence soon-Tourism PS


The government says it will soon start selection process of the 2022 resident hunting for purposes in Game Management Areas ( GMAs) and open areas across the country.

Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary Evans Muhanga says government is aware of the importance of resident hunting as it is a key source of acquiring legal game meat for many households’ needed food security especially in game areas.

Mr Muhanga adds that government , through his ministry, plans to come up with strategic plans that he says will have a unique selling point for all the National parks that can attract tourists.

He said this will help the Government to know what is where, and what needs to be done to improve the protected areas.

Mr Muhanga said all national parks in Zambia are unique as they offer different opportunities hence the need to understand these dynamics if they are to fully benefit the country.

He said this after a familiarization tour of the West Lunga National Park and the Game Management Areas (GMAs).

The Permanent Secretary during his tour expressed happiness that the West Lunga National Park was not under proper support from the newly created West Lunga Conservation Project under the support of Trident Foundation Limited, after years of neglect.

He was however, not happy with the level of encroachment in the GMAs and illicit activities like illegal timber logging exerting pressure on the animal habitat.

“It these illegal activities that are leading to recorded human animal conflicts in many parts of the Country, ”Mr Mubanga said.

Meanwhile, West Lunga Conservation Project Manager Dorian Tilbury said it is encouraging that the government is visiting projects which have never been visited in the last eight years since the project was started.

Ms. Tilbury said it shows the commitment by the New Dawn Government to know what is really happening on the ground and the challenges facing the players.


  1. It’s unfortunate we took after these blood thirsty and blood letting people. Reserve the hunting for the rural communities and indigenous zambians. The income excuse is lame!

  2. Go ahead. Invite the murderers, the wanton bloodthirsty animal killers, the so called Trophy hunters. Allow them to come into the country to kill innocent animals “for fun,” so you can make a quick buck. Justify it by falsely claiming that it’s for the animals’ own good. The blood of all the innocent animals that’ll be killed by the disgusting Trophy hunters will be on your hands. Murderers.

  3. These are terrible human beings with aims of eradicating our nature. This has nothing to do with tourism. They kill our wild animals and give the meat to fat bellied politicians like Lusambo and Chishimba Kambwil. HH is also within the shortest period of time.

  4. Shameless African politicians these hunting licences are corrupt and not sustainable only benefits the elite.. the rich Zambian Pakistanis Indians and Boers who are in this sector. You call yourselves Christian nation yet you allow the vile rich muzungus to come and further deplete the population of big cats so he can display the trophy in his lounge. Here how this is not sustainable these vile trophy hunters come to shoot down for sport the biggest male lion and will pay the guide to get him that one but this big lion is the pride male protecting cubs and territory. You take it out .. rival males come in kill all cubs to bring the females into season.

  5. Why is Sylvia Masebo quiet ..when you were Tourism Minister you banned this vile sport, why don’t you advice HH7 …why not follow the South American model where they have banned trophy hunting. If you want to shoot use a camera…

  6. Do not and repeat do not give hunting licences for lions in luangwa. It will take four years to get the population up and stop in breeding.

    If you do then you are also part of the corrupt, greedy, blood thirsty animal killers.

    Selfish a…holes

  7. How much is the same licence ? can a zambian in the village afford the same hunting licence. all in all zambians will remain poachers and the others will be called hunters

  8. Nothing noble about posing by a dead animal you won’t be eating. Shame on all who would support this sort of senselessness.

  9. The lion they killed was so big and majestic. Its so sad they killed it. They should have just captured it and put in the zoo . I feel bad..number of lions are becoming less and less

  10. Why allow those who hunt animals for fun when the natives have been banned from hunting these animals for food? See how muzungu controls us from afar? And we just dance to his tune. When his queen dies you are ordered to mourn her and fly flags at half mast.

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