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President Hichilema’s leadership has promoted unity and love amongst citizens-UPND Youths


The Provincial UPND Youth leaders from across the ten provinces gathered in Lusaka to show solidarity to president Hakainde Hichilema for what they termed exemplary leadership from the time he was elected president a year ago.

Lusaka province Youth Chairperson Mr Anderson Banda appreciated the work done by the Government for not letting the people of Zambia and that president Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership has promoted unity and love amongst citizens.

He said the people waged a negative campaign against the president accusing him of trying to divide the country but the reality is different. He said the opposition in the country has remained with nothing to oppose the UPND Government more especially that 90% of UPND promises are being achieved.

He said the peace the people are enjoying is not by chance but a product of hard-working by the Government of Zambia under president Hakainde Hichilema. And Eastern province Youth Chairperson Mr Nyirenda Lyson said the UPND is well organized and disciplined party that obey and respect the leadership .

Nyirenda commended the Kanyama youths that once staged protest but apologized to the party for taking a wrong route.He said this is not the right time to begin fighting but to get united for the common good.

He said it is not true that all the people can benefit at the one time and urges the youths to hold their fire and support the leadership to deliver to the expectations of many.

And UPND Copperbelt Provincial Youth Chairperson Mr Hinyama Wallen urged the youths in the party not to be swayed by negative critiques in the opposition who have taken a route of insults instead of positive criticism.

He said the country under the PF was extremely damaged but the UPND Government is doing everything possible to repair it.He said the two UPND budgets presented so far is addressing challenging issues for the people in Zambia. He added that the Government is in hand sourcing for resources to support the weak and will not stop at anything until what was promised is fulfilled.

Meanwhile UPND North Western Province youth chairperson Mr Bruce Kanema said the country was messed by a criminal gang but it is being repaired by the prudent Government.
Mr Kanema said the enemies of the people that destroyed the country are all over the country criticizing the Government shamelessly even when the performance of the UPND Government under President Hakainde Hichilema is being admired by people from all over the world.

He wondered why some people woke up in the morning to insult the leaders doing their best to correct the wrong done by the previous Government. He condemned people that have ganged up to accuse the UPND of trying to support homosexuality.He said the UPND does not in any way support homosexualities nor have the desire to support that in future.
He said even before he formed the Government some people were accusing him of being a tribalist but today, the opposition and their supporters are accusing President HH of supporting homosexuals.

He warned the critic of the president and the Government to do normal politics otherwise they will have to themselves blame when they continue to insult the Head of state. He said the Youths in the ruling party can defend the President and Government through respecting the rule of law.

He said democracy must be guided and that Democracy doesn’t entertain politics of insults and no one should hide in the name of politics to insult leaders.

And UPND Central province Youth Chairperson Mr Paul Mweemba has disclosed that the central province is slowly becoming the hab of mining activities but regretted that the majority of the mines in the province are done illegally by the people bent on doing wrong .

He said the mining audit is underway and very soon the situation will be brought to normalcy and the youths will begin to benefit. The UPND Youth officials were speaking this today afternoon at the UPND Secretariat.


  1. UPND if you keep giving these old men to represent youths when they are in their late 30s or 40s you will simply end up like PF and create another monster. You dont need these chaps holding press conference kissing a$$…do away with that type of politics.

  2. Ask Anthony bwalya and mwaliteta what they think about HHs leadership in upnd. Alot of them are very angry and are contacting us in pf to seek moral support.

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