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General public urged to market local tourism


The government says it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that local tourism is promoted in the province.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Henry Mukungule says the promotion of tourism by the locals is vital to economic development of Muchinga Province.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary said this during a phone in radio program at Radio Delight Kwitonta anchored by Cecilia Kayaya , on Friday.

This was part of the activities to commemorate tourism week in the province.

“ Economic development through tourism can only be attained if everyone involves themselves in the tourism sector locally by visiting tourist sites dotted around the province .

” Let us not leave touring of these tourism sites to foreigners only as these sites are ours and we should own them by visiting them regularly,” He said.

He said the government in promoting tourism in the country has reduced viewing fee for the local people than that of foreigners in a bid to encourage them to be visiting these tourism sites adding that the people of Zambia should take advantage of the gesture.

Mr Mukungule adds that Government will soon improve on road networks and signage of local tourism sites in Muchinga for tourists to have easy access to the areas.

And speaking during the same program, Provincial Culture Affairs Officer for Muchinga province Euden Sikaubwe says local tourism helps to promote oneness and unity.

Mr Sikaubwe said local tourism adds value in promoting tourism sites and the area.

Periodical visits to various tourism sites also help to reduce stress which is why the sector has a segment of medical tourism among other tourism segments.

” It is very important to visit tourism sites near us even those in other areas from time to time for the sector to manage tourism well which in turn will bring about economic and infrastructure development,” He said.

The purpose of observing the tourism day and week is to increase awareness about tourism to locals and foreigners as well as increase it internationally.

The 2022 World Tourism Day which falls on September 27 annually is being held under a theme: Rethinking tourism.”


  1. Why would we market a police state and put at risk the lives of British and other foreign people there. Persecutions of those with opposing views is the order of day in Zambia. We warn and beg you toursists to avoid Zambia. Go to Kenya or Namibia

  2. Lazy government. We can only buy not do everything for you. Market it yourself and we’ll respond.
    I think there could be a lack of understanding here. How can we market what isn’t our product? What happens if the buyer doesn’t find what was marketed and seeks a refund? I pay him?

  3. Very true. They want us to buy tourism and also to market it for them. Go to Botswana and see how they market their country. Rwanda has big adverts on EPL and formula one. Zambia is sleeping waiting for citizens to market Kafue national park for them


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