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Recruitment of agriculture extension staff in 2023 budget hailed


Zambezi District Agriculture Coordinator, Anos Luvuwa has hailed government pronouncements to recruit more agriculture extension officers in 2023 to improve agriculture productivity.

Mr Luvuwa says the announcement to recruit more agriculture extension officers shows that government is in the right direction when it comes to the growth of the agricultural sector.

He says agricultural extension officers have an invaluable role in teaching farmers how to improve productivity.

Speaking in an interview in Zambezi today, Mr. Luvuwa said agriculture extension officers are critical in ensuring that there are returns on investment in research by translating new knowledge into innovative practices.

“As a ministry of agriculture, and also as Zambezi district, we wish to thank government over this pronouncement of recruiting more agriculture extension officers.

“These agricultural extension officers you see play a very crucial role in boosting agricultural productivity, increasing food security and also improving rural livelihoods. So you see, having more officers will mean increasing productivity which will result in having more food in a country,” he said.

And Pastor James Chinyama, who is also a farmer, thanked government for the continued support, saying that farmers appreciate every effort the government is putting to see to it that their welfare is improved.

Pastor Chinyama also thanked government for its intention to recruit more agricultural extension officers, saying that extension officers are helpful in promoting good farming practices.

He added that having more officers will help farmers to have wider knowledge on good agricultural farming practices resulting in increased hectarage.

Meanwhile, Gorge Sandu, a farmer of Chibuntu area in Senior Chief Ishidi, said agricultural extension officers are important in promoting agriculture as they act as an engine of pro-poor economic growth.

“We cannot underestimate the power of extension officers, their role is crucial to the agriculture sector, especially educating farmers on issues relating to farming,” Mr Sandu said.

On Friday, September 30, 2022, during the 2023 budget presentation to Parliament, Minister of Finance and National Planning Situmbeko Musokotwane announced that government will recruit more agricultural extension officers.


  1. While I say thumbs up to government for remembering the agricultural extension staff in the 2023 budget, I thought they could have done a lot more considering the importance of the sector as a potential economic driver.

  2. Bally is not playing………..

    I told you……….

    These shallow opposition will be reduced to one man protesters on street corners with placards………already CK has started

  3. I remember my Granddad’s brother was an extention officer, he was a very well known and respected man in the rural area with his govt motorbike. I feel these guys need to better equipped for the modern world give them handheld devices so that they are able to give and collect current and accurate data es[ecially on weather parterns, fertiziler distribution etc.

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