Sunday, June 23, 2024

Government to Purchase all Grain at FRA Depots


The government says it will purchase all the maize grain available at all Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depots throughout the country.

Kabompo District Commissioner, Hubert Chinyanga discloses that as the government intends to clear out all grains at depots, farmers should not worry as to whether their grain would be bought. Mr Chinyama said this when he addressed farmers at Kamafwafwa FRA depots during his routine check.

“Government will purchase all your maize which has been brought to the depots so people should not panic. However, this is a free market economy whoever wants to sell to millers and other private entities may do so if they wish,” Mr. Chinyanga.

Mr Chinyanga urged depot clerks to ensure that they follow the proper procedure on a first come first serve basis to reduce confusion at the depots.

He urged the FRA officers to be professional and not collect any money from the poor farmers in exchange of the service government was paying for already as such would attract serious consequences.

Meanwhile, Kabompo FRA Manager, Gilbert Chikumba said the purchasing process is unfolding well and that all officers being owed are currently being paid to clear out outstanding wages.

“The process is going on well with minor challenges and all our officers are currently being paid to clear out outstanding wages,” Mr Chikumba said.

He said all depots in the district have continued with the purchasing process as all have been supplied with enough empty grain bags.

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