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Mwiimbu urges public to desist from making unfortunate comments on the 13 abducted girls


Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu has urged members of the public to desist from making comments pertaining to the acts that were done against the 13 abducted girls as this may increase their trauma.

Mr Mwiimbu noted that members of the public should at least make comments that will help the girls to heal, because if certain comments are continued will lead the girls to leave a life that will not be of interest to everyone.

“All of us, especially members of the press, should stop making comments about what happened to our sisters,” Mr Mwiimbu said

Mr Mwiimbu mentioned that the 13 girls are under the care of the Zambia Police Service at an unnamed health facility where they are receiving medical treatment, and are in a stable condition.

The Minister stated that the Police did a lot in this matter, but some things cannot be disclosed to the public as it might affect the ongoing investigations.

“I will not want to go into the details of how the suspects were apprehended as the Police did their part, as you may be aware that immediately the 13 girls where rescued the Police published the names and identity of the alleged kidnappers to the public and it is out of this that the alleged kidnappers were found and arrested,” he said

Meanwhile, Mr Mwiimbu mentioned that the number of suspects arrested in connection with the abduction of the 13 girls in Lusaka has risen to five.

The Minister said that it is difficult to establish the purpose of the abductions because of the relationship between the abductors and the victims who shared the same school in recent years.

“The Police are working hard to establish the motive behind the abductions and will keep the country informed,” Mr Mwiimbu said

Mr Mwiimbu has since commended the members of the public who worked with the Police in apprehending some of the suspects.

He added that the operation would not have been successful without the help of the members of the public.

Mr Mwiimbu has since appealed to the public to join forces with Police to help resolve the case and protect the women and other members of the public from similar acts that can be done or committed against the people.

“Members of the public should support the Police to resolve these abductions and any other cases that may affect the nation,” Mr Mwiimbu noted

“I will not hesitate to state that the Zambia Police needs support in terms of implementing and other tools that can assist in this investigation of this particular matter,” Mr Mwiimbu added

Mr Mwiimbu stated that the Zambia Police was not working alone in this particular matter, as they cooperated with institutions such as ZICTA.

He explained that the video circulating on various social media platforms where one of the suspects stated that the Police did nothing in this case, is because the alleged kidnapper’s had intentions of diverting the public from the case so that they can target the Zambia Police.

“My plea to the public is that let the investigation continue without destructions so that we get to the bottom of this particular crime that was committed, for it is a crime that all of us would not want see being repeated,” Mr Mwiimbu stated

Mr Mwiimbu noted that there’s currently no evidence showing that a victim was killed and buried at the house where the 13 girls were found as investigations are still ongoing, but at an appropriate time all the details will be availed to the public.

The Minister highlighted this during a Press briefing in Lusaka today.


  1. The biggest trauma that these girls have suffered is that their Government failed them, especially the Police under Jack Mwiimbu. They’re only effective when they carry out instructions to arrest and detain Sean Tembo and Chilufya Tayali longer than stipulated by Law. Shame on you buffoon

    • So far I havent seen any Zambian passing any negative comments on the girls. Mwimbu is just imagining things then responding to them. Creating imaginary enemies that he shadowboxes

  2. The information drought has caused speculations, apprehensions and finger pointing from the public.

    Hon. Mwiimbu is in fact not talking about what the public is saying concerning the 13 young women, but is worried about complaints made about police inertia prior to the captives’ escape from the Chalala shrine and wants to save face.

  3. Upnd remember that you are now in power. The power you so desperately wanted such that it led you to using charms and coffins. Now take responsibility as a party in government. You have failed to ensure security for our people. You are a disgrace

    • Did your corrupt pamafi party ensure security at bus stations and markets? Where were they when people were being gassed and markets burnt?
      You want to behave holier than thou when Zambians are still waiting for answers. Useless id10.ts

    • Gilbert Benson Chilala the serial killer that killed 210 people before he was apprehended by charcoal burners was a UPND sympathizer

    • Katana if pf was behind the gassing don’t your think by now your chi ugly president would have ordered the arrest of those pf supporters you allege were involved? The reason no arrests have been made is because it is the same hh who was behind it. He wanted to create insecure environment so that he does a coup last year if he lost. Now go and scratch hh backside and don’t comment on our posts.

  4. Upnd as you pretend to fight corruption, please don’t forget other crimes taking place in our community. I’m forced to install an electric fence because break-ins have become rampant. Please Jack remember us too.

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