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Media, public urged to safeguard privacy of the 13 rescued girls


Government has called on the media and members of the public to refrain from continuously sharing pictures and personal information of the thirteen girls who were recently rescued from their abductors.

Ministry of Information and Media acting Permanent Secretary, Greatson Chipalo and Gender Division Permanent Secretary, Mainga Kabika said the continued sharing of images of the girls on social media and other platforms has the potential to cause significant distress to the girls and their families.

The Permanent Secretaries urged the public to put the interests of the girls first by avoiding the risk of traumatizing the girls through their posts.

In a joint press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, the duo urged the media to continue reporting accurately, safely and respectfully over the matter and other critical and sensitive issues.

Yesterday Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu  also urged members of the public to desist from making comments pertaining to the acts that were done against the 13 abducted girls as this may increase their trauma.

Mr Mwiimbu noted that members of the public should at least make comments that will help the girls to heal, because if certain comments are continued will lead the girls to leave a life that will not be of interest to everyone.

“All of us, especially members of the press, should stop making comments about what happened to our sisters,” Mr Mwiimbu said

Mr Mwiimbu mentioned that the 13 girls are under the care of the Zambia Police Service at an unnamed health facility where they are receiving medical treatment, and are in a stable condition.

The Minister stated that the Police did a lot in this matter, but some things cannot be disclosed to the public as it might affect the ongoing investigations.

“I will not want to go into the details of how the suspects were apprehended as the Police did their part, as you may be aware that immediately the 13 girls were rescued the Police published the names and identity of the alleged kidnappers to the public and it is out of this that the alleged kidnappers were found and arrested,” he said


  1. It’s too late to render such advice. Don’t you know how the worldwide web operates? The horse has already bolted. You have had three days to give such advice but like Kajoba you were waiting for the man with the are to enter social media and stop the sharing of these pictures

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