Support governments planned interventions, says Business Development Services Providers Association of Zambia

Skyline photo of Lusaka, Zambia

Business Development Services Providers Association of Zambia (BDSPAZ) has called on various stakeholders to support governments planned interventions through the recently unveiled 2023 national budget for economic transformation.

BDSPAZ president Obed Mbuzi explained that the government has a mandate to set the agenda, thus the responsibility remains on cooperating partners to complement the efforts.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr Mbuzi said the business sector being the largest employer and player in economic activities, the association is happy with the pronouncements in the budget.

He cited the Zambia Development Agency Bill and the Investment, Trade and Business Development Bill as very cardinal because they align the activities to the growth of businesses.

He observed that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) lack business development services, so the Bills empowers an association such as BDSPAZ to help the development of M-SME’s to thrive to sustainable levels.

Meanwhile, Mr Mbuzi urged business players to take advantage of the various opportunities by approaching the relevant government agencies such as Zambia Development Agency, line ministries and also the BDSPAZ to access information.

He observed lack of information among business enterprises in terms of business and enterprise development, access to finance, services and markets.

Mr Mbuzi explained that the agencies are there to give information so that the enterprises are able to have full knowledge for the business management, planning, growth and access to market linkages.

He noted the budget was focused on three priorities which include productivity, creation of jobs and business growth, which resonates very well with what the government is doing to increase investment in various sectors.

Mr Mbuzi added that the increased investment will result in increased earnings meaning that for those doing business, it will increase their purchasing power.

“With this budget we can see that the government has increased the investment which now will trickle down to SMEs in terms of them having access to finance, and access to the market when they do their production of goods and services,” Mr Mbuzi stated.

The budget is there to improve the business environment and we are very happy that the results will trickle down to benefit the M-SME’s.