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Works on Ndola-Lusaka road to start soon


Minister of Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali says the contractor engaged to work on the Ndola – Lusaka dual carriage way will be moving on site in a few weeks time.

And Mr Tayali has said his ministry is committed to resolving the impediments to cross border border trade to facilitate smooth flow of goods and services and ultimately enhance trade trade with neighbouring countries.

Speaking last night during the Ndola District Chamber of Commerce third Annual Awards Galla in Ndola, Mr Tayali said the Lusaka- Ndola road once worked on will enhance trade and increase revenue generation.

Mr Tayali added that government has also paid premium attention to the Ndola – Mufulira- Mokambo, among other international roads as one of the ways to maximise commerce and possibly end road carnages.

He also reiterated government’s resolve to lowering the cost for money in order to speed up economic activities and increase disposable income at household level.

Mr Tayali said the high cost of borrowing has been the cry of the private sector for many years and that is adversely affecting growth of businesses, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs.

Mr Tayali who is also Ndola Central Member of Parliament assured that government is putting in place several measures that will see interest rates going down and that this will increase access to finances for business and ultimately stimulate economic growth.

“Ndola Chamber of Commerce has categorically and consistently made presentations to government. Among other submissions, is that the cost of borrowing is too high.

The concern was on the past government’s appetite for domestic borrowing a situation that had caused a crowding out effect as banks only preferred to lend to government and consequently starved the private sector,” Mr Tayali said.

And Copperbelt Province Minister, Elisha Matambo said the two government’s of Zambia and DRC are devising tangible ways that will resolve challenges being faced on border areas.

ZANIS reports that Mr Matambo added the two sister countries will also enhance communion where security of the drivers is concerned.

“I want to announce that we agreed with our counterparts on our drivers having what we are calling the green line which our SADC drivers will be using while in Congo.

Our colleagues on the other side have also put in place three vehicles which will be patrolling 24/ 7 to ensure safety of our drivers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ndola District Chamber of of commerce president, Paul Chisunka said his membership is excited with the news to develop borders in the province.

Mr Chisunka said there is need to accelerate the process of modernising sakania border and the chamber looks forward to harvesting the benefits this will come with.

He said the business community is concerned with the security concerns at Kasumbalesa which he added are a threat to business but it is gratifying government swung into action to resolve the concerns.

“The 2022 Ndola Chamber of Commerce awards Galla was held under the theme: “Connecting the dots.”


  1. These ministers just bark without any tangible data…who is the contractor? If you are the minister and know anything about construction you should know the exact date works will commence…this is why you should leave such matters to the Infrastructure and Construction Ministry.
    Then there is that CB loud mouth Matambo talking about Zambia and DRC are devising tangible ways that will resolve challenges being faced on border areas…without giving any details and who he has met just empty talking.

  2. Can these ministers under upnd lead by example. This man is very obese. You don’t see such unhealthy leaders here in the UK because they understand the importance of outward appearance and its influence on the public.

    • Just trolling all your life ..surely get a life one year you are playing N@z the jungle fever man next you are KZ who is based in Zambia but appears in UK for 4 years now you are back to this again …grow up; life is too short for playing too many monkey tricks in the same tree branches become fragile and snap!!

    • We think you have posted on the wrong post. We have no clue what you are talking about or referring to. We are genuinely concerned for your mental wellbeing.

  3. Even if this works start soon as the minister is saying it will still take at least 2 years for the project to finish. Meantime motorists and travelling public are inconvenienced with delays, congestion and long travelling times. It’s better to start with first constructing some overtaking lanes at certain points every so many kilometers so that you don’t have to follow a convoy of trucks going at 60km per hour for two hours before you get a chance to pass them. Ndola to Lusaka a journey which used to take 3 to 4 hours now it’s 6 hours plus.

  4. Chizungu ati judging a toll fee. You must be a tonga with that sort of pronunciation. Your demented comments on our posts are now beginning to make some sense. Are we right in assuming that you are a upnd supporter?

  5. This is good. We thought this government is not interested in roads and infrastructure but only in proceeds of crime… Good to see this project kicking off


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