Friday, June 14, 2024

Exhibitors for Western Province Expo geared – Mbangweta


Preparations for the Western Province Expo have reached high gear as most exhibitors have come in and set up their stands in Mongu district.

Western Province Minister, Kapelwa Mbangweta said preparations have progressed well as both local and foreign Investors are expected to be part of the first ever expo.

Mr Mbangweta said some international investors that are expected to attend are from Ghana, Czechoslovakia, Pakistan and South Africa adding that Angola also showed interest to come on board.

He said the province is looking for investors who can tap into the less exploited economic areas in the 16 districts that have potential in agriculture, tourism and timber.

Mr Mbangweta said the New Dawn administration is looking at job creation and that the tourism and agriculture sectors are key to ensuring employment.

He said the agriculture sector is looking at increased productivity, Fertiliser Support Programme (FISP), enhanced seed and assured market.

Mr Mbangweta said technological advancement, food processing plants and value addition are key areas which need to be harnessed in order to achieve job creation.

He said government wants every province to have a farming bloc to ensure high productivity and food security in the country.

Mr Mbangweta cited rice growing as one such area that needs to be tapped in as Western Province has for a long time been growing rice traditionally and that government was looking at way to change the narrative by introducing out-grower schemes.

“Western province has for a long time been growing rice traditionally and that government was looking at ways to change the narrative by introducing out-grower schemes,” he said.

He said countries like neighbouring Angola need rice and beef products and that the market for these is already available in that country.


    • Zambians, including HH himself, are using and benefitting from the said bridge. Unless you can ascertain the value that is to be obtained from said bridge, we fail to see how you can claim that this was a bad investment.

  1. LT since when is Czechoslovakia at the the trade show it ceased to be a country in the early nineties its now 2 new countries = Czech republic and Slovakia.

  2. Czech is now called Czechia, The bridge was built by Zambians for Zambians, it is not a PF Bridge and remember we don’t call Cairo road in Lusaka as Kaunda road!!!! This is how dull most PF fools thought it was their country no wonder Zambians voted you out of power.

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