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Newly recruited civil servants resisting rural areas risk being replaced – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema has warned newly recruited civil servants declining to report in rural stations that Government will not hesitate to replace them with others waiting to be employed.

The President said Zambians in all parts of the country be it rural deserve to receive health and education services like those in urban areas.

Mr Hichilema noted with concern the high number of reported incidences were teachers and health workers deployed in rural areas are requesting to be redirected to institutions in urban areas.

He said lack of accommodation should not be given as an excuse for refusing to work in rural areas as Government was doing everything possible to improve housing for civil servants serving in rural communities.

The President has since announced Government intention to recruit extension officers under the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock respectively with the directive that those to be recruited should serve where they are sent.

Meanwhile, President Hakainde Hichilema has committed to unifying the country in order to actualize the goals of the visionary leaders who fought for Zambia’s independence.

The President says his administration is determined to honouring the peace efforts of the fallen heroes who risked their lives meeting under the Samu Lya Moomba tree in Monze strategizing on delivering the country from colonial rule.

The President was speaking in Monze yesterday when he graced the Samu lya Moomba traditional ceremony of Tonga – Ila people of Chief Choongo in Southern province.

President Hichilema has since pledged to maintain the unifying spirit of the event which the country’s fore fathers recognized as a pre – requisite to national development.

The Head of State highlighted government’s commitment to implement projects aimed at bettering the lives of the Zambians as envisioned by the country’s freedom fighters.

Mr Hichilema has since assured the people of Monze that government will complete the construction of the Monze – Niko road whose works have stalled over the years.

And speaking earlier, Chief Choongo who spoke through a representative, appealed to government to consider constructing a university in Monze that will be biased towards livestock and agricultural trainings.

He said livestock farming is main economic activity for the people of Monze and Southern province as a whole hence the need to have a university in the region.

Meanwhile Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for becoming the first President to recognize the role Samu lya Moomba played in the country’s political history.

And Minister of Tourism, Ronald Sikumba said his ministry will continue marketing the ceremony domestically and internationally.


  1. As a young graduate, i got a job in Macha, some 80Km west of Choma. When i reported, i wanted to run away immediately. After 6 month, i feel in love with the place such that i didn’t want to leave. My encouragement to newly recruited, go there, you will fall in love with the environment,

  2. They are resisting because they are been separated from their loved ones. Is it not this same hh who said people shouldn’t be separated from their partners.

    • No! Most civil servants dont want to go into the rural areas. Governments we have had are for the most part to blame because they focus development on Lusaka. They dont build anything in the rural areas so why shouldcitizens go into the doom of rural areas? There are places where there are no roads, no clinics, no Police, and the government sends a young woman there! She wont go. She will fake a marriage and stay in Lusaka

  3. #Patriotic Front-UK Branch
    Your statement has no truth in it. Being in opposition doesn’t mean opposing everything the government is doing. Rural communities are also part of Zambia. Why should they receive substandard education and education. This us vs them mentally has to come to an end. I personally worked in a rural area myself. Rural Zambia has some of the best people except for witchcraft.

  4. A good President or Executive Prime Minister is dependent on good and knowledgeable ADVISORS. Current Zambian Presidential Advisors are severely “dwarfed intellectuals”. Why did these Advisors prevent a President to attend the CHINAMANONGO Ceremony in Muchinga Province? They even avoided delegating a Minister to represent the President. The Bisa are found in old Greater Mpika, Chinsali, Shiwangangandu, Chilubi Island and part of the Luangwa Valley (clan of late Francis Nkhoma & Dr. Manda) in Eastern Province. Was this a snub on the Bisas? Advising a President to later attend a small SAMU LYA MOOMBA Ceremony in Monze is a recipe to dividing the nation. Zambians are watching.

    • Kkikikikii…..This ka chinamanongo what is it? Its no value to this country and a waste of the president ‘s time. Lets focus on more important things. We have a lready done Ukusefya pa ng’wena.

  5. the reason is simple as for teachers and health workers they is no accomodation for them living in a grass house its not as easy as 1,2,3. these people are not going there as tourists no they are going their as permanent residents, what the new dawn could have done is before employing these people they could have looked at accomodation issues first which they use to talk about in opposition, eg ( UNZA HOSTALS THEY WERE AN EVERY DAY TALK IN THE OPPOSITION ) not at i was brought up in the village so any one can live in the village no. times change.YOU can force a person to a life she or he doesn’t want give these profesional good accomodation as per promise.

  6. We electricity……we need network, You cannot just send us ku munzi where there is no transport , no bottled water, ho proper house.

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