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Arresting Zambians at Border for criticizing HH while outside is an effort to muzzle freedom of expression


By Venus N Msyani

Arresting Zambians as they enter the country because they criticized President Hakainde Hichilema while outside the country seems to be an effort to muzzle freedom of expression.

We should not forget to remind human rights defenders and activists including Amnesty International and the international community to pay attention to that.

While in South Africa where he had gone for personal business, Chilufya Tayali repeatedly criticized President Hakainde Hichilema and his government through a live Facebook broadcast.

On Thursday, September 29th the Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president who happens to be a resident of Lusaka, was arrested in Livingstone on his arrival from South Africa.

Every Zambia believes that if Mr. Tayali had been allowed to reach Lusaka, drop the luggage home, say hello to his family, and then asked to report himself to the police, it would have not caused any danger to the public.

It is the very reason why the author has arrived at the above conclusion.

After his arrest in Livingstone, Mr. Tayali was transferred to Lusaka. On Sunday, October 1, after more than 48 hours of legal detention, it is alleged that Tayali assaulted a female police officer with a kettle.

It should be understood. Mr. Tayali was undergoing emotional abuse at the time of the assault. Exceptionally few people would be themselves under such treatment.

Welcomed like a terrorist, kept in custody beyond 48 hours, with no access to a phone, and no visitors. Very few people would be okay under such treatment. Criticizing the president while outside the country is not a terrorist act for Zambians to be treated that way.

Hoping my conclusion makes sense. Arresting Zambians as they enter the country because they criticized President Hichilema while outside the country is an effort to muzzle freedom of expression.

The just-ended Tayali’s prolonged arrest and its hash treatment are meant to induce fear. To be specific, to stop the Zambian community in the diaspora from criticizing the new dawn administration.

This article is a call for help. Individuals, the church, human rights defenders and activists, Amnesty International, and the international community at large should stand up for Zambians. Chilufya Tayali should be the last person to be arrested at the entry for criticizing the president while outside Zambia.

Zambians have the right to express themselves inside and outside the country.


  1. Kajoba and the entire police force failed to solve the mystery of the missing girl which has now turned to be 13 girls in total .it is embarrassing to a country like zambia whose President made a very interesting speech on his inauguration to protect every citizen but it has turned out the Police force is now a force used to arrest mostly the opponents and one big venture the new dawn government can do is to build more prisons for its critics with the donor funds there are soliciting

    • Kajoba is a political appointment.
      He was never a good cop. Its not professional expertise that has taken him to the post of IG but which politician he supports.
      He has made no efforts to improve himself judging by the dumb threats he issues to citizens. Understand your job Mr Policeman

  2. HH like any other politicians is scared oh his own shadow or is it the people around him doing the status quo. Double H7 get the grip on our minions, mate. You started off well, on very front but now you are just falling prey to the same old foolishness. Just leave CT, he’s of no consequence, I think!

  3. Indeed the current government officials also criticised the former president from foreign soil.
    It’s very frustrating.

  4. Tiyali is nothing but a paid PF trouble maker…………..

    He deserves every bit of treatment he gets at the hands of law enforcement……….

    He actually should count him self lucky that this is a GRZ of laws, not cader thugs , who would have lynched him by now……….

    The likes of tiyali bring no benefit to Zambian politics or economy ………..

    Even in that photo, he was brandishing a bundle of printouts he claimed was evidence of corruption by HH……….we are still waiting for that evidence……….

  5. Let us just continue to urge the government to do what was promised- get rid of the Defamation of the President Act. As it stands now, it is the law and whether we like it or not it is a soft ball for the police. They will arrest anyone who defames the President. Instead of complaining about the President, complain about the bad law. The Pf were in power for 10 years, MMD for 20 years and yet they all did nothing about this law. It is nonly NOW that HH has hinted at expunging it from the statutes. Kudos to him!

    • Dr, UTH needs your skills and expertise. Leave politics to cadres. State hospitals are is a deplorable state we need you to help your new dawn. the St Francis Hospital you left in Katete is just a name now. The new D is just wasting time hunting opponents than fixing the problems they promised to fix. Look at the statistics of road traffic accidents recorded, this is unacceptable.
      Let us be realistic. They are failing to implement laws to arrest plundering of natural resources by the west just cause a few of the elite are benefiting. Is this fair for someone who is trying to air his/her views on the state of the affairs ?.

  6. Let him try that with us. Our next general meeting for pf supporters on diaspora will be held in zambia. Let them try arresting us. We have dual nationalities and if they want to start a war with foreign states let them try

  7. Calling for help in the current Zambian situation is like trying to squeeze blood out of the stone. All those organizations mentioned above teamed up to overthow the PF and now they have problems criticising the acts of their pay master.They act like frightened chickens. Bwana you will not hear a word. Just organise to vote out this inerpt Govt out of power in 2026.

    • You are talking nonsense. I hope HH applies these draconian laws to the letter and arrests each and everyone of those who dare utter a single critical word of him. The method to the madness is that those who write laws intended to suppress, oppress and intimidate others, are far much less likely to ever repeat that folly when their own laws persecute them. UPND are not likely to write retrogressive laws because of their bitter and painful experience under such laws while they were in the opposition; PF and MMD are learning their lesson right now. It is the same with the corruption campaign. UPND needs to know that everything it is doing in office had better be clean. The next party to attain power is going to be scrutinising everything they are doing with a microscope. This is not a bad…

  8. HH is becoming a dictator.Kabushi and kwacha is a good example.He has chosen to abuse the constitution just bcoz of hate of Lusambo and malanji.Kaunda was right Zambia is at risk with the dictator


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