Saturday, June 15, 2024

Veep happy with progress made to reduce poverty


Vice President Mutale Nalumango says government has made significant progress towards achieving food security and nutrition for the Country in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number two.

Mrs. Nalumango says despite the continent being faced with various challenges that have threatened food security, government remains committed to ending hunger in the country by 2030, a commitment recently made by President Hakainde Hichilema in 2021.

She said government is aware that women, youths and children are more vulnerable to hunger and that government has put in place programs to address this including programs aimed at improving the food system in the country.

“Zambia is currently implementing a number of policies through programs aimed at improving our food systems and ultimately nutrition and health of the country. The country is currently implementing the first 1000 most critical days phase 2 program under the framework of scaling up nutrition program” she added

The Vice President was speaking during the World Food Day networking breakfast and media address organized by the World Food Organization and National Food and Nutrition Commission ahead of the World Food Day which falls on 16th October every year

And speaking at the same event, United Nations World Food Program WFP Country Representative Cissy Byenkya said that Zambia needs to take an inclusive food systems approach in order to achieve its aspirations of achieving a food and nutrition secure Country.

Ms. Byenkwa said the WFP acknowledges governments efforts in addressing hunger and nutrition challenges in the country and that the WFP supports government’s efforts aligned to the 8th National development plan, vision 2030 and sustainable development goals.

“Am alive to the enormous government efforts in addressing food and nutrition challenges in Zambia through the various policies, programs and projects being implemented in the food security, nutrition and social protection sector” she said.

Meanwhile, Food and Agriculture Organization FAO Country Representative Suze-Percy Fillippini Zambia’s food production systems have continued to underperform despite the country being endowed with abundant natural resources with favorable climatic and political goodwill.

She said despite the progress made by the government in fighting hunger, a lot of people are still excluded from receiving the benefits of agriculture growth, human development, innovation and overall, economic growth, a situation she says requires urgent action.


  1. Madam, if only you knew. There is massive hunger in the country. IF YOU HAVE ONE MEAL in a day you are even lucky. Not only the villagers and rural people are suffering but even the town dwellers. The salary can only take one for three days. Zesco is not paid, Lusaka water is not paid. Shoprite is out of reach (Too expensive). Pakuya ku nchito kuya fye ulebutuka( Mini bus we cannot afford)… Ala mayo naikosa.

  2. Yes she’s right… now she doesn’t have to follow a tight budget..her fridges are overflowing with goodies
    Poverty has been reduced but for some of us it has increased.

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