20 male Ethiopians apprehended in Choma for illegal entry

Mr Namati H. Nshinka, the Immigration Department's Public Relations Officer
Mr Namati H. Nshinka, the Immigration Department's Public Relations Officer

A joint team of Immigration and Police officers in Choma district have apprehended 20 male Ethiopian for illegal entry.

Department of Immigration Public Relations Officer Namati Nshinka says the illegal immigrants aged between 15 and 35 were apprehended around Monze-Chisekesi area on Saturday 8th October 2022 between 07:30 and 13:30 hours.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Nshinka explained in a statement on Tuesday that this was after they ( the P.Is ) failed to produce documentation legalizing their entry into the country.

“The Monze Immigration Office has apprehended Twenty (20) male Ethiopians aged between 15 and 35 for illegal entry.

“ They were apprehended by a Joint Team of Immigration and Police Officers around the Monze-Chisekesi Area on Saturday 8th October 2022 between 07:00 and 13:30 hours after they failed to produce documentation legalizing their entry into Zambia,” said the Department spokesperson.

The apprehended Ethiopians were nabbed after a tip off from members of the community.

Prior to being apprehended the named nationals were wondering about possibly waiting for transport for their onward journey.


Meanwhile, the department has also taken a 34-year-old Zambian Taxi Driver of Choma into custody to assist with investigations after it was established that he had connived with the illegal immigrants.

In a related development, the Department of Immigration on 9th October, 2022 removed 43 Ethiopians via Kenneth Kaunda International Airport after paying Court fines for illegal entry and unlawful stay.

The latest removals brings the total number of Ethiopians removed from various Correctional Facilities since 8th September, 2022 to 344.

So far the number of persons of different nationalities removed by the Department of Immigration between 7th and 10th October, 2022 stands at 117.

“During this period, the Department apprehended Sixty-Eight (68) persons for various immigration offences, secured Twenty-Four (24) convictions and refused Eighteen (18) Foreign Nationals entry into Zambia.”


  1. We in pf, especially those of us in diaspora will never support this nonsense of arresting a fellow African for being on African soil. Come to Europe and see how your fellow Africans are treated at borders. You are let downs you upnd coconuts

    • There is this Impostor KZ with too much time on its hands giving itself away this is the same thinking it had….

    • As a result, the population of Zambia ballooned to nearly 20 million, putting pressure on our schools, hospitals, land etc etc. You stupid PF fools did not care about the poor people of Zambia, selling the land from under their feet to all these foreigners you allowed to flood our country. On this issue, having access to South Africa is a highly treasured priviledge that is freely available to Zambians. Please do not abuse this facility by allowing Zambia to be the conduit of illegal immigrants into South Africa. Do not let South Africa do to Zambia what Canada and the UK did, when characters from Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh started buying our passports to invade those countries. As you know, entry to Canada and the UK which had once been free, have been restricted and now cost a…

  2. Its high time Zambia involved RSA and Botswana to pay for these operations as its clear these illegals are enroute to RSA .

    • Or Botswana and South Africa can simply introduce a $150 a person VISA fee to Zambians, and punish the whole country for the actions of a few criminals. I am proud of my people in Southern Province for being the exemplary, outstanding and upstanding citizens they always been, by reporting these people to the police. These characters entered Zambia most likely from Nakonde. How come they were only reported when they reached Southern Province? How many people care for our country, really?

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