ACC Clarifies that It Has Not Shut Down nor Taken Over SAVENDA Group of Companies


THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has clarified that it only put a restriction on one bank account belonging to Savenda Group of Companies following investigation on Corrupt practices.

The Commission has also clarified that it has not shut down the Company nor taken over.

ACC Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Timothy Moono said the Directors of Savenda have since been informed that they are at liberty to withdraw money from their other accounts, but that it should be backed with supporting documentation.

“The Commission wishes to inform the public that it has only restricted one of the many accounts that are held by the Savenda Group of Companies. The directors of Savenda Systems Limited have been informed that they are at liberty to withdraw any amount of money in the account as long as the request is backed up by verifiable invoices and supporting documents. At no time has the said company indicated that it had 800 employees whom it needed to pay. Further, the Commission has neither shut down the company nor taken it over,” he said.

This follows the commission conducting investigations against Savenda Group of Companies Director and Chief Executive Officer Clever Mpoha.

“Mpoha was in August this year subsequently arrested by the Commission and charged with the offence of Corrupt Practices by Private Persons in connection with a contract for the supply and delivery of military uniforms for the Zambia National Service. Before this, the Commission seized Simoonga Farms in Chikankata District which was purchased by Sturdy Mwale, Former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence using money paid on his behalf by the said Clever Mpoha,” Mr Moono said.

He further said that among the Savenda Group of Companies that the Commission has been investigating for some time is Savenda Systems Limited for multiple corruption offences.

“In the course of investigations, the Commission issued a Restriction Notice on one of the accounts for Savenda Systems Limited after an attempt was made by Mpoha to withdraw the entire sum of US$3,474,150.00 which was sitting in its account,” he said.

Mr Moono said the restriction was done pursuant to the Anti-Corruption Act. No. 3 of 2012, Section 61 (1) which gives the Director General powers to restrict a property or money in a bank for a person who is under investigation.


  1. Graft must be fought in all, not isolated, areas.
    When KBF was in the New Dawn circles, he was a clean man. Immediately the Zambia Must Prosper was born, he suddenly became very corrupt where ACC even courted him.
    Similarly, Savenda had strong links to PF. If these financially gifted opposition parties’ supporters are let loose they will pose unbearable pressure on New Dawn and must be curtailed. This mustn’t be prime reason to fight corruption.

  2. We have a very useless government, what is sad this that you can’t reason with them, Honestly 800 people are out of employment just like that! They are now on the street, because some idio.t thinks he is the only one who is supposed to be rich alone. It was houses destroyed on the copperbelt and now this in the midst of poverty,high level of unemployment and no money in the country shame on you
    United party for national disaster a group of liars.

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