Church calls for reconciliation among politicians


The Clergy in Nakonde District in Muchinga Province have called for reconciliation and unity among political leaders.

Holy Ghost Embassy Nakonde Regional Pastor, Sydney Isaac stated that the country can only develop if its leaders are living in harmony.

Mr Isaac, who was speaking in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Nakonde today, said political stability plays an important role in enhancing good governance.

“For many years we have been talking about promoting national unity but we cannot promote national unity if there is nothing about dialogue and forgetting the past just like the Bible says two cannot walk together until they agree,” he said.

He implored authorities to shun away from using hate speech against their opponents stating that it hinders the effort to promote peace.

“How are we going to gather and seek the face of God whilst among us there are leaders, men and women that God has chosen to represent us, if we are not one,” he said.

Mr Isaac appealed to the general public to practice forgiveness if the development is to prosper in the country.

He added that leaders who fought the country need to be celebrated in order to honour the sacrifices they made to enable the growth of the country.

Mr Isaac pointed out that leaders should not dwell on the past but should instead focus on developmental projects.

“Each and every day we are hearing on radio and on Facebook that this political leader was talking about this political leader but by this time we need to understand that the most important thing is unity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Luangwa District Commissioner, Luke Chikani says government recognises the role played by the church in national development .

Mr Chikani said the church and government are partners in development as they both govern the same people.

The District Commissioner said this when Bishop Diamantino Guapo Antunes of Tete Diocese of the Catholic Church in Mozambique paid a courtesy call on him at his office in Luangwa district.

Mr Chikani further applauded the Catholic church for supplementing government efforts in providing services to the communities in the district.

He listed the health and education sectors as some of sectors the church that is contributing to the uplifting of the livelihood of the people in the district.

“The church and Government are partners in development and as Government we are happy with the contribution coming from the church which is contributing greatly to the uplifting the livelihoods of our people in various communities,” said Mr Chikani.

Mr Chikani also affirmed the good relations between the church and government.

And speaking through an interpreter , Bishop Diamantino Guapo Antunes has thanked the Zambian government for the unity existing between the catholic believers in the nearby Zumbo town in Mozambique and the parishes in Luangwa district.

Bishop Diamantino said Zumbo Catholic Church branch was manned by priests in Luangwa district since inception and will be declared a parish on Sunday, 16th October 2022, weaning it from Lusaka diocese .

“Zumbo Catholic Church has been upgraded to a full fledged church and we are going to have it weaned from Lusaka on Sunday October 16,2022,” said Bishop Diamantino.

The catholic Bishop was accompanied by Katondwe parish priest father, Mathews Tembo, and two other priests from Mozambique.


  1. The church is the biggest failure. All these politicians are christians! Every sunday or saturday they congregate in your churches. The president is always in one church or another every sunday or saturday. We know is even an elder in the seventh day. Ba Chitotela is also a uniformed Seventh day adventist . Ba Kambwili is a catholic and so is bo Lubinda , Kampyongo , Mutti,and many more in the ruling party. Nalumango is a pentecostal and probably a pastor. Other ministers and senior UPND officials are apostolic church members others are ucz. All these politicians come to your church every sunday or saturday. What do they come for if ur messages as church leaders are not heeded. Simply put, you are failed preachers because immediately your “christians ” leave church they…

  2. Harmony forget it politicians will never be in harmony but unity we need that. These guys can never be in harmony-then it wont be politics. They have to fight so the audience-us- can cheer and then endorse them with a vote.

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