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HH to strip the former DPP the title of State counsel after her removal from office-Peter Sinkamba


Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba has said that the dismissal of Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Lilian Siyuni for contravention of the Constitution should be a lesson to all constitutional office holders that breach of the Constitution is a serious matter.

Mr. Sinkamba who has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for demonstrating leadership in the matter also feels the former DPP should be stripped off her title of state counsel because it is an insult to the republic to allow a person who has committed a very serious offence against the people of Zambia by willful contravention of the constitution to retain the honor of state counsel.

Mr. Sinkamba said that in this regard, his party will write the president and the chief justice to dishonour Mrs Siyuni the title of state counsel immediately.

Mr. Sinkamba has since congratulated Mr Gilbert Phiri for the appointment and hope that parliament ratifies the appointment and has advised him to learn lessons from Mrs. Siyuni.

On Friday, President Hakainde Hichilema removed Mrs Siyuni from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions ( DPP ).

President Hichilema said that the removal of Mrs. Siyuni followed recommendations contained in the report presented to him by the Judicial Complaints Commission ( JCC ).

He added that the removal of Mrs. Siyuni from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is also in exercise of the powers vested in the President pursuant to articles 182 (3) 143 (b) and 143 (c) of the Constitution of Zambia.

And President Hichilema has since appointed Gilbert Hanford Phiri as Director of Public Prosecutions subject to ratification by the National Assembly.

The appointment of Mr. Phiri is in exercise of the powers vested in him pursuant to article 180 of the constitution of the country.

This is according to a statement issued to the media in Lusaka yesterday by Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya.

The embattled DPP has in recent times been embroiled in a number of judicial issues one of them being on entering nolles in all cases before her brought by either the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) or the Anti-Corruption Commission, where arrests were made without receiving instructions to arrest from her.


  1. Sinkamba is a man who is lost. No one even knows any other members of his party. Such people are dangerous like hh. It is all about them

    • No Troll its you who is lost when Sinkamba was offering to pay and paid Kampyongo’s allowances he and his fellow ministers owed the taxpayer for illegally saying on in office you were clapping now he is a lost man.

  2. Mr. Sinkamba, instead of wishing to “dishonour” and shaming Ms. Siyuni the best is to prosecute her on all those charges the JCC found her wanting. If the state has a strong case against her they can start from there.

    When John Sangwa was barred from appearing in any Zambian court, Tutwa Ngulube asked for more punishment by requesting his honour as State Council be withdrawn. It didn’t make sense;
    Sinkamba still doesn’t make real sense.
    Just prosecute her if you can.

    • Deja Vu, you are crying now because your own methods are coming back to bite you. You want the people appointed by Lungu to be kept in their jobs but do not want HH to appoint his. No. Let HH clear anyone affiliated to Lungu, and appoint his own people. Elections have consequences, and it is time for the supporters of HH to enjoy. Besides, the civil servants in Zambia are corrupt. It is time to sort them out.

  3. The President is being too civil with PF implants in GRZ…………

    There should have been a whole sale removal from key positions in GRZ of lungu appointees………… this DPP

    Their aligence is to PF , not the part in GRZ.

    • Spaka when people were retired in national interest, you said it was victimization… since August 2021 500 people have lost their jobs in government… and you call it because of loyalty to PF…. you don’t make sense at all. A civil servant shouldn’t be loyal to Upnd but to the Zambian people who employ them. The moment you get rid of party loyalty will be the time the service delivery will improve.

  4. I thought that Ms. Siyuni was fired because of gross misconduct. I didn’t know it is because she was appointed by Lungu.

    Don’t forget, those ECZ commissioners were appointed by Lungu too. To date, ECZ neither has a chairperson nor the vice. What has stopped GRZ from filling up this vacancy which Chipenzi, a UPND zeal lot, eyes so much? What has prevented the president from “cleaning the system” to bring his men and women on board? Why has he fired a Woman to bring in a Man? (Gender incensitive). Is he short of personnel?

  5. Sinkamba has never made sense on any issue. Is he not the guy who even paid for Kampyongo when ministers were asked to return illegally gotten salaries

    • This is why I say these chaps him and Meembe only have these party names as just tags…when was the last time Fred evr posted an srticle about workers’ welfare or Sinkamba posted an article about sustainability last time he was talking increasing copper production this is some who has supposingly Green creditials…its really laughable…can you imagine such a clown in a meeting with Greenpeace?

  6. This Sinkamba chap also, does he know what our priorities and key focus areas as Zambians are for now. What he is talking about is the least of our worries as Zambians, and somebody calls himself a leader , could be the reason he does not have any followers

  7. The farther away someone is from familiarity, the more aggressive they are with the stories. It appears whatever JCC has concluded has blown everything about Siyuni out of proportion. Anyway, what does the law state about being State Counsel, and how does one lose the status? Nifunsa cabe … it might just be that whether you loathe her or not, she might just be entitled to some modicum of dignity mwabantu.

  8. I just hope this woman is thoroughly investigated every Nolle she dished to her thieving friends…its high time anyone who holds that office doesnt let power get to their heads.

  9. Lilian Siyuni only has herself to blame. She had the opportunity to resign as DPP and ask HH to appoint her as a high court judge. Chalwe Mchenga did so after realizing he was on the wrong side.
    Sadly, she opted to remain with the clique of thieves.

  10. You are right on the money #Independent. Siyuni should have resigned and remorsefully asked for a lessor punishment for her wrong doings when she served as DPP. Unfortunately, typical of PF members, sympathizers and surrogates, she decided with impunity to support the criminal hoodrats. I support Sinkamba to strip her of her lifetime title of State Counsel. Also prosecute her for abusing her office the time she served as DPP.

  11. Sinkamba, take her to court if there is anything she had done wrong against, us, Zambians. If taken to court let it be on TV. Are there provisions in the constitution that allow MPs to summon and cross examine her. UPND promised rule of law, it is sad in all areas the promise is a flame that has it’s glow restrained.

  12. She benefitted from PF plunder. Please strip her of the SC title and prosecute her for her misdeeds so that she loses her employment benefits. PF can continue funding get, they owe her that for destroying her career.

  13. President HH is entitled to his decisions on DPP. But remarks by leaders of some political parties suggests that they are actually cryptic (hidden) appendages of UPND. Since the mysterious fate of DPP Mukelabai is still fresh to many Zambians, it is a puzzle as to why any sane human would campaign for the withdrawal of Ms. Siyuni’s State Counsel title. LAZ can clarify matters affecting its members. Apparently, Cannabis sativa (Chamba, Ibange, Mbanje, Nyawupe) is a plant of Asian origin, but where India has banned its cultivation for human consumption. Why legalize this plant that contains mind-altering compounds in Africa?

  14. she has been fired yes and sinkamba wants the president to strip the former DPP the title of State counsel ok is she still under oath has the oath of secrecy been striped. she can tell the nation what she knows .

  15. @Mwansa Kabinga you are right Cannabis Sativa (kanabesa mulopwe) has mind altering compounds. Because how else can one explain someone with such extensive knowledge on who in Zambia has immunity from prosecution (i.e. the sitting President and former president only) unless lifted by parliament suddenly imply that the former DPP needs her conferred State Counsel status be removed to facilitate her prosecution?

    Am sure even pulldoza and polopela must be kicking themselves in their behinds for letting someone high on kanabesa mulopwe lead their fight to save their seats in kabusi and kwacha!!!Elo nga niba pulldoza katwishi imisowa uko bali. . . . .

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