I left PF last year-Dora Siliya

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya

Dora Siliya has revealed that she is no longer a member of the opposition PF. Ms Siliya disclosed that she left the PF last year following the party’s embarrassing defeat to the UPND in the 2021 general elections.

She tweeted in reaction to some online stories claiming that the PF was dead and she could not cling on to it.

But Ms Siliya described the stories as fake.

“My relationship with PF ended over a year ago. I remain indebted serving the people of Zambia as MP and minister ending with Govt Spokesperson,” she said.

“Consulting my Chiefs in Eastern on future path and will revert soon.”

Ms Siliya was one of the seven PF Members of the Central Committee that were removed from the Committee for failure to exculpate themselves on why they have not been attending statutory meetings and other party activities.

The other members removed are, Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Charles Zulu, Kutemba Konga, Philip Kosamu, Dr Jonas Chanda and Kabinga Pande.

PF Chairperson for Information and Publicity and Member of Central Committee Raphael Nakacinda said in a statement that some members have been removed after failure to attend party activities.

“A few months ago, the Acting Secretariat General, Nixon Chilangwa, on behalf of the Central Committee wrote to several members of the Central Committee to understand why they were not attending statutory meetings or engaging themselves in party activities or assignments, without advancing explanations for their absence, or without tendering notice of regret. In this vein, fifteen members of the Central Committee were affected,” he said.

He said the Secretariat received a satisfactory explanation from four members and the Central Committee accepted and in this vein only 11 MCCs were now affected.

“The Secretariat then wrote to the following requesting for further formal explanation Dora Siliya , Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Charles Zulu, Kutemba Konga, Philip Kosamu, Dr Jonas Chanda, Kabinga Pande, Emireen Kabanshi, Glen Kalimbwe, Vincent Mwale, Nathan Chanda and Francis Musunga,” he said

Mr Nakachinda said the Central Committee then received satisfactory explanations and accepted the reasons of absence from Nathan Chanda, Francis Musunga, Vincent Mwale and Emerine Kabanshi.

“The Central Committee then later proceeded to remove those who didn’t give an explanation or did not provide a response and those affected and have been removed from the Central Committee are Dora Siliya, Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Charles Zulu, Kutemba Konga, Philip Kosamu, Dr. Jonas Chanda and Kabinga Pande,” he said

He added however, that at the last sitting of the Central Committee, Dr Chilufya came to the meeting and stated that he has not been aware of any letter and so his case is therefore under further consideration.


  1. The fools are us voters who vote for such people who are only in politics to use us. Dora Siliya and Kabinga Pande were MMD when that party ruled, they became PF when it became the ruling party, now we will hear they are UPND and we will vote for them. How unthinking can we be? Are we happy to be used by corrupt politicians?

  2. Everyone has a right to movement and freedom of thought. The upnd lusaka times are trying to make a deal out of nothing. People have been moving from parties since the birth of politics. Get hobbies you sad lames. We wish you well mama siliya and thanks for your exceptional service to the Nation.

    Unfortunately your successor is very dumb and cannot even construct a simple sentence.

    • Babwela badya badya badya baina. Baluza. But they are too fat to stay in opposition so they start looking for vantage positions in the new ruling party. The new ruling party might be naive enough to welcome them. And then force their constituents to vote for them

  3. These are joyriders Lazy Lungu brought to PF who have disappeared just like the people around him …the man was a poor judge of character, Dora was swearing at the old man everyday whilst in the MMD why would she cling on to PF after they lost? These are women who can keep a man happy or are satisfied with one what of a Political organisation.

  4. What does it matter whether PF left her or she left PF…. everyone knows that she a woman who cannot be a girlfriend to a pauper..Muzungu wabura kadyo kumuzebezera be…. I can’t work for a white man who has nothing.

  5. The mistake we usually make is to think that when politicians seek public office it’s out the motivation to serve the public. They do it for personal preservation and aggrandizement. It’s why they easily move on when their prospects dwindle. Even those that have remained in PF have done it with the hope that they’ll bounce back. Some have faithfully remained in UNIP because they benefit from its assets. They’ve strategically kept UNIP weak so that no one questions their plunder. Kulibonesha

  6. The parasite can’t stay on when the longhorn becomes a carcass. It must find another bull.

    All politicians are parasites, feeding on people’s government money. They can even insult the same people they claim to speak well for. When that money conduit is cut, they jump ship leaving the ship captain and others scrambling and fending for themselves. Bye bye, ma’am, you walked your road.

  7. Dora the explorer now exploring the future. All politicians after losing use the same line of I’m consulting with my constituents, relatives, chiefs etc etc on the next step forward when in actual sense they are just waiting for the hate to cool down so that they can announce that they have joined the ruling party.

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