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Ndola’s Kaloko Township Wonan on the Copperbelt Province gives birth to Quadruplets


A 29-year-old woman of Ndola’s Kaloko Township on the Copperbelt Province has given birth to Quadruplets (four babies) at Ndola Teaching Hospital.

According to the Ndola Teaching Hospital Public Relations Unit, Tabitha Mwamba delivered the Quadruplets via C/serian section between 10:12 and 10:15 hours.

They are three girls and a boy.

This was Mrs. Mwamba’s third pregnancy and she has two other children.

“Ndola Teaching Hospital is delighted to announce that it has successfully delivered four Quadruplets via C/serian section from 29 old Tabitha Mwamba a Resident of Kaloko,” the hospital said.

1st baby, female delivered at 10:12 wt 1.6kg
2nd baby, a female delivered at 10:13 wt 1.8kg
3rd baby, female delivered at 10:14 wt 1.5kg
4th baby, male delivered at 10:15 wt 1.4kg

“I have two other children whom I gave birth to and this is my third pregnancy I am very happy despite not knowing I was going to give birth to four babies my biggest worry now is how I will be able to take care of four more children my husband and I do not work such that even taking care of the two other children is a challenge if they are people out there that can come in and help us with anything I will appreciate,” Mrs. Mwamba said.

The operation crew was led by surgeon Dr. Clement Phiri, assistant surgeon Dr. Muziamona, scrub nurse Rebecca Mwenya
and midwife C. Mwansa.

Meanwhile, this news has gone viral on social media with people praying the mother and the hospital for the successful delivery of four babies.

“Well done to the entire crew. Seasoned Midwife receiving quadruplets, precious but premature babies in a space of a minute each. Intelligence and experience at work. Proud of you Cynthia Mwansa. Salute you,” Matilda Somanje wrote on Facebook.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mwamba,do not worry about taking care of the babies, what’s important is the safe delivery and God takes care of the rest,” Reagan Chaya remarked.

“This boy will great. Even at birth he’s a gentleman and decided to come out last. Well Congratulations to the mother and Good work NTH staff,” Jamie Chileshe commented.

Patience Mutinta added:”Congratulations to the mother for a successful delivery and hats off to the team.”

(Picture by Ndola Teaching Hospital PR Unit)


  1. Good luck because under upnd we wonder how you will afford to feed those babies. You are in trouble

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