President Hichilema dates Copperbelt to inspect project in Kitwe and Ndola


President Hakainde Hichilema is tomorrow expected on the Copperbelt Province for a two-day working visit.

The President will arrive at Simon Mwansa Kapwewe International Airport at 09:00 hours before proceeding to Chifubu township to inspect a mini hospital under construction.

Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary, Augustine Kasongo said today that the Head of State will visit Kitwe and Ndola districts respectively to inspect some projects.

Mr Kasongo said among the projects to be visited includes the construction of a mini hospital in Chifubu township in Ndola and several other projects in the two districts.

He added that President Hichilema once through with the program, is expected to return to Lusaka on Thursday, October 20,2022 .

Meanwhile, Students from Copperbelt University (CBU) and Mukuba University have thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for re-introducing the meal allowances to students sponsored under the Students Loans Board in public universities.

The Students who chanted praises to President Hichilema presented their thanksgiving letter to Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo to in turn present it to the President.

And CBU interim president Matakala Matakala said President Hichilema has sorted out the students’ problems by re-introducing the meal allowance which was scrapped off by the Patriotic Front government.

“We thank the President for re- introducing meal allowances and by doing so, he has sorted out our problems, this is indeed the change we voted for, ” Mr. Matakala said.

And Mukuba University students Union president Gilbert Mwansa appealed to the President to buy a bus for the students and to address the accommodation challenges at the institution.

And in receiving the thanksgiving letter Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo thanked the students for appreciating the works of the President.

Mr. Matambo said President Hichilema has put education among his top priorities.

“You have a President who has education at his heart that is why he has re-introduced student’s meal allowance, introduced free education, recruited teachers as well as introducing a boarding fee component on the Constituency Development Funds (CDF), ” He said.

He promised the students that they have an action-oriented President as demonstrated through the various fulfilled promises he made such introduction of free education, recruitment of teachers and health workers as well as paying retirees of their long-awaited dues.

Mr. Matambo also promised the students that he will deliver their thanks giving letter to the President tomorrow.

He also assured the students that the President will attend to their requests.

Government has re-introduced student’s meal allowances and students will start receiving the money from January next year.

The re-introduction of the meal allowances was announced in Parliament by Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane when he presented the 2023 National Budget.


  1. Kikiki dictator with his bantustan ECZ.he is destroying the country.he will put all chaps from one region to consilidate his powers.Civil servants are being fired and sidelined .So shameful.Kambwili told you but you thought kambwili was a problem.This country is gone

  2. Look at the dirty tribal supremacists above who see tribal in everything GRZ does……….

    Just because Your clique of theiving supremacists is no longer in charge of the countries coffers…… no reason for you to see tribal in every word or action the president s does………

    • That’s exactly what you saw when the PF were in government!!
      What’s wrong with you southerners, anyone who talks unfavourably about HH, you insult them, why?

  3. In our community we have a mentally challenged young man. I asked him what projects the president was coming to inspect. He simply told me…bushe mwalipena? He continued…tamulemona project yama elections ku Kwacha naku Kabushi?
    Simply put even a child can see through this lie.

  4. Why is he even campaigning when this is going to be a walkover ( that’s if the stay by the court is ignored). Without Malanji and lusambo it’s like going unopposed.

  5. Kitwe – Ndola dual carriageway has collapsed within a few years. It was a raw deal. I’ll support you if you get annoyed over this. The black mountain is almost finished and the empowered youths are still very broke. You were misled. ECL de-gazetted the land covering Mipundu and Maposa, the government surveyors haven’t moved in up to now. People are anxious. Traveling mercies.

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