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President Hichilema arrives on the Copperbelt


President Hakainde Hichilema has arrived in Ndola on a two -day- working visit on the Copperbelt province.

While on the Copperbelt, President Hichilema is expected to inspect developmental projects in Ndola and Kitwe.

Among the projects the President is expected to visit is the Chifubi Mini Hospital in Kawama ward.

ZANIS reports that President Hichilema will also tour Ndola and Kitwe Teaching Hospitals and the Copperbelt University to appreciate the prevailing situations at the institutions.

He is also expected to hold a series of meetings with stakeholders in the two districts.

The Presidential jet touched down at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport at exactly 15:45 hours.

The Head of State was received by Copperbelt Province Minister, Elisha Matambo, provincial Permanent Secretary, Augustine Kasongo and senior government and party officials.

Meanwhile, Goodwill Ambassador for Persons with Disabilities, Elijah Ngwale, has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for delegating Vice President Mutale Nalumango to grace the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation yesterday.

Mr. Ngwale said contrary to people who are criticising President Hichilema on various platforms for assigning the event to the Vice President, the Head of State did a commendable job.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Ngwale, who is also recipient of October 24, 2021 President insignia of honour, encouraged Mr. Hichilema to continue delegating certain events to other leaders to promote a sense of belonging to the country’s leadership.

“The Vice President is the wife to the Bishop and she herself is a Reverend and a Republican Vice President, there was nothing wrong in her gracing the event. For the President to assign her, there was nothing wrong,” he said.

Mr. Ngwale noted that the President cannot be expected to be everywhere as he has other equally important matters to attend to, especially that of growing the country’s economy.

“The President has said it himself, he is the chief marketing officer of the nation, allow him to attend to other matters that are also of national interest. He cannot be everywhere that is why there are other national leaders in place,” Mr. Ngwale stressed.


  1. The man who cannot stay in one location for more than a day. Does he have itchy buttocks? We in pf are shocked. Is he not the one who used to criticise our president ECL for travelling

    • Stup!d, wrong timing. Everybody knows he is out to campaign …
      UNPD need work bro, I am not seen anything done this year. The year is over bro.

  2. Tarino Orange was spot on about the above troll who keeps mophing each time it gets ignored……..never feed a troll.

  3. two days working visit to campaign, when one has a lot of free time on his hands, imagine if the court are to call for fresh nominations how wil it go for him it will be another embarrassment and a waste of tax payers, printing ballot papers before the matter is fully concluded going to campaign when the matter is still before court

  4. Very true Spaka, never feed or give emotional oxygen to that SICK SICKO Troll
    It is unwell that Mu.2h0ta, N.3z, K4.izar, UK ?P.F 1d.i0t!

  5. Very true Spaka, n3ver feed or gi
    1ve em0tional oxyg3n to that S1CK S1CKO Troll.
    It iz unwell that Mu.2h0ta, N.3z, K4.izar, UK ?P.F 1d.i0t!

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