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Zambia invited to the Africa Investments Forum and Awards to be held in Paris, France.


Leaders League, a French based international company designed to bring the world’s markets together has invited Zambia to participate at the Africa Investments Forum and Awards to be held in Paris, France.

Scheduled to take place on February 7th ,2023, the Forum will bring together business executives across Africa, Europe, decision makers and solution providers interested to do partnerships together.

Leaders League regional Manager Jean Salager says the forum will provide an opportunity for Zambia to create networks, partnerships and woo investors to establish businesses in Zambia.

“Africa Investments Forum is the place to be if you want to establish businesses and create linkages with people in Europe to work in Africa,” he said.

During a meeting with officials from the embassy of the republic of Zambia in Paris on Monday, project manager Chloe Gilles said it will be good for Zambia to attend the forum for investment opportunities as African and European leaders , together with the public and private sectors, will be present to explore areas of possible collaboration.

The forum is a good platform for Zambia to meet investors and participate in discussions centered on business development, opportunities, infrastructure, city planning and energy.

Ms Giles says the forum will also provide an opportunity for Zambia to market itself in terms of business and investment opportunities.

And Chargé D’ Affaires at the Zambian Embassy in Paris Alick Banda has commended Leaders League for extending an invitation to Zambia to participate at the forum as it will add value to solutions being implemented in order to develop the country.

Mr Banda said that Zambia will look forward to participating at the forum as the country needs such developmental activities to grow the economy for the benefit of the people.

“Our Country is on the fast lane to develop, we really want to take part in such developmental forums and take advantage of every opportunity to enable us get the development we need,” said Mr Banda.

Meanwhile First secretary for Economic and Trade Chibwe Chisala said that Zambia has put trade and investment at the centre of economic diplomacy and the invitation to attend the forum will benefit the country as it seeks to provide home grown solutions to improve the economy.

This is contained in a statement issued by Naomi Mweemba, First Secretary Press at the Zambian Embassy in Paris, France.


  1. Africa Investments Forum and Awards who are the organizers of this event is it african or the french ? who is warding africans? they first invited our number 1 now they are inviting zambia, the west really know how to put africans in their position.why not bringing the awards to africa

  2. But what was Christine Kaseba Sata doing here? She is paid tax payers money to work at the Embassy in France. At no time does her contract allow her to move up and down in the name of bringing Investors. Besides these are not the type of Investors,cos already there is corruption before even they start to invest. This is what Emmanuel Mwamba always used to do – Always up & down between his stationed & Zambia. She needs to pay back the money for this whole week she in Zambia cos she was not on Duty. If an ambassador is supposed to be present it should be the French Ambassador , not her.

  3. The Zambian Embassy is one such that requires a thorough clean-up. This is where the very last tribalists are hiding. Remember Sata wasnt tribal at all, untill this Woman started forcing him to field in her own relatives in Government positions. And exactly when Sata died, almost all the people that stood for Presidential election – were all related to each other: Mulenga Sata, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Miles Sampa, and herself , Christine Kaseba. All relatives which whe field in herself and so i believe at this Embassy in France – you ve to know Bemba in order to work there. ACC/DEC do a background check pls!

  4. Also,regarding this Investment Forum: The EU as mighty as it is came to Zambia for such partnership, The US also hard its own Business forum either Zambia and recently was China. Now, who does France think he is for us to start crossing oceans to go there? to do what exactly? and besides what investor comes from France ? Never heard of such. Go rather and end the wars in all your former colonies you Imperialists. You make all your colonies pay a Colonial fee for the infrustructure you built them – how cruel? And you still go ahead ati “Africa Investment Forum” where, in France? is France in Africa – there is no Africa Investment Forum outside Africa you Imperialists. Come here , we dont come to you no more!

  5. GRZ should gather zambian business leaders to attend………..

    All the top 40 zambian business companies as per tax records should be invited to attend………….

  6. Instead of complaining and making excuses…………

    Discuss ideas to help the zambian business community grow and network at this important event………..

  7. @Spaka: Us going there will just show how stupid we are, how can African event, titled “African”, be held in Europe? Do French colonialists still think we are still living during the Scramble for Africa times. I guarantee you , HH will attend such stupidity. I can bet with you. Just like he hasnt gone to China. France is one of those Imperialist culprits. And they are so Arrogant about it as they are still collecting colonialism fees from all their colonies. Let Christine Kaseba attend that foolish event.

  8. Kikik france benefits from Africa.French economy is collapsing and high employement level.Why taking the awards in africa?Lol.Africans start thinking

  9. Wht benefits for us, those tht attend are told to agree to on terms tht suits the organisers of the forum. Foolish Africans, we hv everything bt why go to Paris?

  10. No one is going to these imperialists who were at the top when Africa was being shared. Ku Europe, work with Norway, Finland , Sweden, Germany, UK etc but aba abena France. Worse enemies of black people ever. They colonised all french speaking African countries & untill today all those countries still pay a Colonization fee to France, they claimed that France built Infrastructure and those Africa countries need to refund France back-what kind of monsterism/Racism is this? Anyone heard of this?

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