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ECZ and Judicial process manipulated – Sishuwa


Sishuwa Sishuwa says the Electoral Commission of Zambia – ECZ and the judicial process have been manipulated by the ruling party.

Mr Sishuwa who is a lecturer in modern history at the University of Zambia – UNZA stated that after coming to power through a democratic election, President Hakainde Hichilema and the ruling United Party for National Development-UPND have manipulated the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the judicial process to exclude key opposition candidates from the ballots taking place today in both Kwacha and Kabushi constituencies.

He disclosed that at the heart of these manoeuvres is the fear of defeat to the excluded candidates and the desire to increase their number of MPs in parliament for the purpose of amending the constitution to entrench themselves in power.

Mr Sishuwa said that to give the elections some guise of legitimacy, they have ‘allowed’ weaker rival candidates to remain on the ballots in both Kwacha and Kabushi constituencies.

“In so doing, the UPND has strategically rigged and ‘won’ the elections even before the first ballot is cast, this form of rigging is called electoral exclusion. By employing this desperate and dangerous strategy to win polls, the ruling party is effectively fermenting civil strife and even civil war – the usual outcomes of similar experiences elsewhere in Africa,” he said

“If Hichilema and the UPND are prepared to go to this length merely to ‘win’ a parliamentary by-election, what would stop them from rigging a presidential election?” he questioned

He explained that having been in the doldrums of opposition politics for over two decades, the UPND is sending a clear message that they will go to any length, including manipulating the rules and norms of a democratic political game, illegitimately banning rival candidates, and abusing incumbency advantage to secure electoral victory and retain power.

“Be worried, Zambia, our democracy is still under attack, but now by President Hichilema, the man who vowed to rescue it when he was in opposition,” Mr Sishuwa stated

“If we are to improve the quality of our governance, we must remain engaged in the democratic process in between elections, as opposed to waiting for Election Day to rescue the country from the abyss,” he mentioned

Mr Sishuwa noted that without the consequences of criticism from many of the voices from academia, civil society and the church who spoke truth to power under the previous regime, this ‘new dawn’ leadership might turn out to be a tragedy for both our democracy and the country.

“Contrary to what many are saying, Zambia is not returning to democracy. Not yet,” Mr Sishuwa stated


  1. You are the only one left standing among the many critics of the PF misrule. I see Laura Miti slowly coming to her senses

  2. This little boy was at the fore front of misleading Zambians to vote for these incompetent crooked here he is crying like the silly infant he is.

  3. Well-said. Punchy. Truthful. Vital. I disliked this Sishuwa guy under PF because I thought he just hated president Sata and later president Lungu. I am happy to admit that l was wrong. The man is simply a patriot. These are the people Bally will do well to listen to when they speak. They have nothing to lose.

  4. There many types of rigging an election…. one is done secretly and the other like the Kabushi and Kwacha by-elections openly.

  5. “Uwakwensha ubushiku bamutasha chilya bwacha”
    Dictator h² is always getting away with it. With impunity he is greedily eating those masukus on Zambians heads.
    He has effectively planted his corrupt seeds in all institutions of Governance. FiC gone, ACC gone, DEC gone, ZP gone, ECZ gone now two arms of Government Judiciary and Parliament effectively gone. Most certainly said Zambia is gone too. It’s in the hands of IMF.
    We warned. Just give him support so that you Zambians can learn. Is sishuwa just pretending or he just learned that h² is a punka?
    Have yourselves a good ride.

    • How is that? Just because of Malanji and Lusambo? Are they the only Zambians? We are 18 million people, let others also contribute. Those guys abused Zambians we don’t want them in Parliament again. Let them GO WITH THEIR PF. They are our brothers but Bad and EVIL leaders. Let’s try other people. See Malanji, he went to collect what he donated at a clinic. who does that? He is a very evil witch.

  6. In this particular one h² is a master rigger. So deeply involved.
    While in opposition ali trainer, nokutrainer, no kutrainer, nokutrainer until one day he was ready to rig big.
    Yes here and now we can say he has won because only upndead will vote. So Haivotela Humwine.

  7. We have a president who does not practice what he preaches. He so obsessed on these by-elections, to the point of ignoring serious national matters where people have been dying due to lack of medicine. And today he insults Zambians and uses it as a campaign vehicle while in Kitwe telling the nation that its not acceptable for hospitals to have no medicines because the money is sitting in the bank. The president is aloof, corrupt, out of reality and its pure failure to delegate. 13 girls were kidnapped in Lusaka and the police could not sniff it, but resources were being spent on pointless corruption cases. This is disheartening.

  8. The people of Kabushi have passed a vote of no confidence in Hakainde… out of almost 70, 000 registered voters just over 10,000 voted and out this only 6,000 voted Upnd.

    • Deja Vu – Kabushi has 49,000 registered voters why do you inflate figures to excite the masses…please stop this shameless bahaviour

    • Tarino Orange.
      UPND from getting a national landslide victory last year, failed to replicate it after one year fixing Zambia. Maybe their winnable days are over. Besides, it is a UPND Alliance now called New Dawn which got these poor results.

      Kwacha has 64, 000 voters, but got 6, 596 ballots. (10% voters).

      In Kabushi, with 50, 000 eligible voters. UPND got 6, 556. (13% share).

  9. ….By employing this desperate and dangerous strategy to win polls, the ruling party is effectively fermenting civil strife and even civil war – the usual outcomes of similar experiences elsewhere in Africa,,,,,surely,Mr.Sishuwa?But you have failed to explain exactly how the ECZ and judicial process has been manipulated.This is pure conjecture.My own take on the poor voter turnout is the PF psychology of spoon-feeding.Those huge crowds you saw UPND pulling were in expectation of cash and mealie meal dollops.When they learnt that the father christmas were not comming,they lost interest in excising their right to vote
    UPND will not be handing out cash loads.They will just create an enabling eviroment for you to make your own cash.Thats a very irritating policy to the lazy and ignorant

  10. I have read articles and to date I still dont understand if this election was right legally …where are the lawyers and the researchers like General Miyanda to explain to us. All we are getting is the snake Fred Mmembe weaving his webs to trap the docile.

  11. What manipulation Mr history Teacher?
    Malanji and Lusambo had their seats nullified by the the high court. The nullification was upheld by the ConCourt.
    ECZ rejected their nominations according to the law cause both Malanji and Lusambo had each caused a vacancy.
    Zambians should stop celebrating fraudsters and criminals .

    • You are absolutely right, even this person who is supposed to be independent and logical in thinking is now operating on emotions and not facts. Where is the evithat HH or UPND manipulated the judiciary or the ECZ?
      The issue as I see it is that the judiciary is either manipulated, not up to the task? Compromised or that the constitution is so unclear no one knows how to interpret it. Was it so deliberately made, so it could favour those who signed it? And now being out of power the other party is also misusing it??

  12. A criminal is a law breaker. Just that those who commit crimes from the opposition are more of outlaws than those in office.
    INDEPENDENT and MUZAMBIAN are both scorning Bulldozer and Bonanza out of political expediency.

  13. We need a streamline here: The High Court neglected DISQUALIFYING the nullified seats. So the Opposition was on firm ground to appeal and then put up the same candidates, fo.olish as it appeared. The courts neglected to emphasize the time-frame (remember 2016? Precedents a mambala! Pay attention, that’s why mu felula ku ZIALE). If you go beyond a timeframe that is constitutional you lose as you snooze. Big deal here is ensuring those who get their seats nullified are further examined as to the qualification. I mean, violence and lack of qualifications was clearly a basis to disqualify these two PF chaps… in my honest opinion.

  14. The two PF candidates committed electoral fraud and malp[ractice and should NEVER ever be allowed to use their money to continue participating in the democratic processes of Zambia until they show remorse and repent of their errors. The UPND may have used underhanded ways to do the right thing but ther ends have justified the means. The PF were a viscious group and well entrenched in their nefarious ways. They stole money and covered up their tracks so well that they are now laughing as they enjoy Jameson. With such devious clicks, the gloves must come off. To clean up a pigstye, one must be prepared to get dirty.

    • Dr Ngoma,your argument flies in the face of the “Clean hands doctrine “, According to this rule of law, you must be innocent of wrongdoing before justifying your conduct or conduct.

  15. What actually happened here? Last I heard the courts had stopped these by-elections from going ahead… did they eventually ryle in favour of ECZ?
    Yes I agree that HH and UPND have disappointed big time as I see the same undemocratic behaviour Lungu and his PF exhibited.
    However, the questions for me are: 1) Were the elections nullifications correct and legitimate? 2) If so were the nullifications caused by the 2 PF candidates’ manipulation and illegal and illegitimate actions? If they then they deserve from barred from contesting the same elections again… I think their party should have fielded different candidates.
    We need to send a message that if you ste@l and election and win it illegally, there consequences of being disqualified.

  16. very shameful indeed and this must be stopped before we see the waste.What we see in other countries can be seen even here in zambia.Well said Sishuwa Sishuwa.

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