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I Want to re-build Kabushi to a standard where Lusaka is-Newly Elected UPND MP


Newly elected UPND Kabushi Member of Parliament Bernard Kanengo has said he is not celebrating the downfall of his predecessor Bowman Chilosha Lusambo.

Mr. Lusambo had his seat nullified by the court and the Electoral Commission of Zambia barred from contesting the subsequent by-election,a decision he has challenged in court.

Mr. Kanengo was declared the winner of Friday’s controversial Kabushi Parliamentary by-election after getting 6,556 votes against his closest rival and independent candidate Richard Kalasa’s 4,607 votes.

Leadership Movement’s Osias Telela collected 226 votes and another Independent candidate Alfred Joseph Yombwe amassed 81 votes.

Speaking after being declared duly elected Kabushi Member of Parliament, Mr. Kanengo said Mr.Lusambo’s current situation is a lesson to many people to be humble.

He said God opposes the proud and uplifts the humble.

On his developmental agenda, Mr.Kanengo said he wants to re-build Kabushi to a standard where Lusaka is.

“Allow me to thank the party leadership from the branch to the top level. The branch leadership, the ward leadership and the constituency leadership. Secondly, allow me to thank the people of Kabushi for making a wise decision, for delivering themselves from the shackles of poverty, from the shackles of manipulation. We are now starting a new life in Kabushi. I know we have been manipulated for a long time, I Bernard Kanengo I have come to work in Kabushi. I am asking you just like the way you have decided to pick me as your representative to rebuild Kabushi to a standard where Lusaka is,” Mr. Kanengo said.

“Another assurance I want to give to the people of Kabushi is that I am going to be a Member of Parliament for everyone. I know in Kabushi Constituency these political parties known as PF, SP and many more they no longer exist. I am going to be a Member of Parliament for all the people in Kabushi Constituency. For the outgoing Member of Parliament (Bowman Lusambo) we are not here to celebrate their downfall but all of us to learn from their downfall. God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. Thank you,” he said.

Meanwhile, UPND Kabushi Constituency Campaign Manager Frank Tayali said the by-election has demonstrated that neither individual nor political is greater than Zambia.

Mr. Tayali, the Ndola Central MP, also thanked people of Kabushi Constituency, who decided to turn up and cast their ballots.

Out of the 49,908 registered voters in Kabushi Constituency, only 11,646 voted in the by-election.

“We want to give thanks to the people of Kabushi Constituency, who decided to turn up and cast their ballots in exercise of their constitutional right to decide who their elected representative was going to be. At the end of the day what this election has demonstrated is that there is no one individual, no one political party is above the law. Zambia is greater than any individual; Zambia is greater than any political party. Kabushi was never going to be held ransom because a few individuals felt that they were entitled.”

“The people of Kabushi Constituency have today spoken and they have said that Bernard Kanengo is their duly elected Member of Parliament. Please remember that this by-election was brought about by a nullification which was occasioned by violent and massive maul practices in terms of electoral code of conduct. The UPND has once again demonstrated. We are a peaceful party. We have allowed all those that participated in the campaign peacefully,” Mr. Tayali said.

The Minister of Transport and Logistics added:” I wish to take this opportunity to thank all UPND members that continue to hide the president’s call that we must conduct ourselves totally differently from what we experienced in the past. With today’s results never again, never again will the people of Zambia in any constituency be subjected to violence as a way of ensuring election victory. May I take this opportunity to thank the MP for Kabushi Constituency Honourable Bernard Kanengo.”

“We are proud that we ran a clean game and may I just add that the ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) has acted within the law to avoid a constitutional crisis. The ECZ has got a constitutional mandate to carry out an election because we were never going to have Kabushi create a void and be subjected to lack of representation. So to the people of Kabushi thank you we can now deliver development through our area Member of Parliament Honourable Bernard Kanengo. God bless you all,” Mr. Tayali commented.


    • I am just happy those arrogant fooooools Bonanza and Bowman did not go back to Parliament …they thought they were on top of world treating everyone with distain. Bowman had even a private army of thugs named NATO Forces to terrorize opponents, he had poor people line up his house at christmas to recieve gifts this is a man who lived in a one room house before he was an MP 7 years on he has several mansions.

    • To the standard where Lusaka is!
      Lusaka is a big mess with pockets of sanity here and there and those are the standards he wants. The bar is so low that under fives can jump it. Go and see what Kagame has done to his country then come join politics

  1. “….ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) has acted within the law to avoid a constitutional crisis…………”

    Ontop of that……


    Should be the ralling cry for Zambians

    • A Sesheke MP was convicted on April 12, 2021 of a crime (he is a criminal). He was sentenced to 2 years suspended sentence.


      Hon. Matibini made him stay in parley for his remaining 4 months before he was reelected on August 12.

      Which Zambian court recommended Bonanza and Bulldozer as criminals for jailing? Who is a criminal?

      As for the constitutional crisis mantra, it is a bogus excuse.

    • Mulongoti Machayi

      Convicted of what ???

      Was that one of lungus bugus convictions ???

      Bonanza is being investigated for fraud and money laundering ………..lusambo for murder and money laundering

      They are going down………..

  2. Congratulations for winning that handicap match, honourable Kanengo

    Now we await to see the city look much like Lusaka. Diligence not difference as what Ndola stands for.

  3. Mulongoti Machayi

    Under PF murderers, gassers and looters were being let off , while………

    Opposition were being arrested and charged for kidnapping ???

    You should be ashamed of your self to bring up a bogus case as conviction for not wanting criminals in parliament

    • (SPAKA is an anonym for that convicted Sesheke lawmaker)

      He has gone in history that he is a convicted criminal regardless. He was jailed for breaking the law.

      You must be very ashamed to want to rewrite history.

      I urge you to quit being malicious: that Malanji and Lusambo are criminals. Take them to court and convict them so they become unworthy of Parliament.

    • They are going down………those two.

      As for kangombe , same as mwaliteta , all fake charges overseen by corrupt judiciary…….

      While murderes , gassers and looters were set free……….

  4. “On his developmental agenda, Mr.Kanengo said he wants to re-build Kabushi to a standard where Lusaka is.”
    Surely how can a MP have such low ambitions …what standard is Lusaka at that he has seen maybe he means the private residential areas in Twin Palm or Kabulonga even there the is filth and litter. Where are you even going to get funding from …the only thing you will rebuild is your bank balance with loans and allowances from National Assembly

  5. He is aspiring to make kabushi as dirty as lusaka. He is a mad case this one. He won’t survive in that seat he won through crookedness. God has a way of dealing with such undesirables. Some even die naturally

    • Yes …like the way he dealt with Lazy Lungu and his crooks….look at this UK based Impostor even wishing death on someone.

    • Whoever you are, we are not interested in your rubbish. If you support hh continue doing so, since only retarded people support tribal parties. But don’t stop us from supporting our own party. Who are you or who do you think you are? Sir watch yourself

  6. #6 You are such demented individual. Today is Sunday and you want me to spend the whole day on your nonsense?
    You are lucky it’s a Sunday otherwise I was going say something something else . Don’t think we’re all satanists like your party members

    • Deja Vu – So if it was Monday or Friday you were going to fire a volley of insults in my direction…this is what is wrong with religion; our people are brainwashed to a point of no return.

  7. Sometimes it’s better to act without talking…. Herald promised anything to his daughter without thinking….then she asked for the head of John the Baptist.

    • Have you ever asked yourself who the third man was who was in the scripture observing all these stories in the bible?
      Wake up from your docility!!

    • These are the same hypocrite Christians for lungu……….

      Acting all holy on Sundays calling for national prayers , yet…….

      The rest of the week stealing , looting 24/6……

  8. Tarino Orange… You believe in Hakainde and I believe in God. It’s your choice and I will not condemned you for it.
    I am not brainwashed to the extent that I will support the unsupported.
    Lusambo and Malanji are not my friends…they may have money but I have an impeccable intellect.

  9. Voter apathy there… very low turnout.

    But what exactly happened here? Last I heard the courts had stopped these by-elections from going ahead… did they eventually ryle in favour of ECZ?

    HH and UPND have disappointed big time as I see the same undemocratic behaviour Lungu and his PF exhibited.
    However, the questions for me are: 1) Were the elections nullifications correct and legitimate? 2) If so were the nullifications caused by the 2 PF candidates’ manipulation and illegal and illegitimate actions? If they then they deserve from barred from contesting the same elections again… I think their party should have fielded different candidates.
    We need to send a message that if you ste@l and election and win it illegally, there consequences of being disqualified.

  10. They undressed the constitution and rapped it.
    They sucked Siyuni to hound out Milingo and then sacked her .
    They then dropped and dupped the two former MP’s in fake elections.

    The sham elections have shamed the entire system. Independent thinkers (not party cadres) are all surprised, confused.

    Is it right for UPND to fix opponents using a lame excuse?
    14 days is 14 days
    21 days is 21 days
    90 days is 90 days
    PF is tasting their own medicine
    Oh, all these are PF judges
    These are PF laws haunting them.

    Did Zambians usher you in the settle you political scores? Please get real.

  11. Deserved win and looking forward to our partnership to develop Kabushi. Afrikaconnector is willing to partner with you to digitise Kabushi. Keep working hard so that you can be unopposed in 2026 like Nyambe Muyumbana for Mongu

  12. Hallo Tarino Orange. You are right that poor Lusambo is now swimming in mansions obtained through murdering others, through corruption and above all through beating others and thefts. It is surprising that this child abuser and rapist can still walk around. If Inwas in leadership I would deport him to West Africa where such criminals get executed. You talk about mansions. We were made to believe that these had been confiscated. All lies. Because from all the publicity about confiscated goods. There have never been any public auction. Why? Because the thieves in the present government also want to take a share. The late Mainza Chona under KK used to say, “shemula bane….Shame”. It will take 100 years before the likes of KK come back. With no tolerance to corruption.

  13. Most Zambians just want to see PF gone, and……..

    The party in power getting on to fix things…………..

    HH will be voted into office until 2031, after that Zambians will decide……..

  14. From their violent caders attacking and ransacking police stations to violently extorting money at bus stops and markets , to openly carring firearms and shooting people …………

    To gassing citizens while other Zambians were being lynched and burned in our streets for the first time in our history ……….

    To ridiculous over priced projects ………..

    The trauma runs deep……….

    The majority of Zambians would not lose any sleep if PF was wiped out……….

  15. Elections were stolen by the liars, whether you like it or not the law will visit you after you leave office, and the fake MP for kabushi whose going to work with you in Kabushi? You printed the ballot papers at night when no one was witnessing the printing process and you lie that you’re not happen that Lusambo lost, time is coming whether you like it or not.

  16. The same “corrupt judges” superintended over your latest elections. They are your darling because you won last week.

    About 1½ years in office our government hasn’t convicted any “corrupt PF”. Gassers are still on the streets. Cost of living still high. There are new corruption allegations among New Dawners.

    All these jobs in the civil service mean nothing if the private sector is untamed. ZNS, ZAF, Army, PS and ZP are a drain on the strained state coffers. 7 million Zambians are unemployed!
    When is the honeymoon ending? Will you continue to be two-faced and moonlighting until 2031?

    • Not even Jesus can create employment for 7 million people in
      1 1/2 years………….

      It is a work in progress, so far so good……..

      We have a 5 year mandate………

      We will be judged in 2026……….favorably until 2031….

  17. i wonder how the newly elected kabushi MP and the friend are feeling winning an election with out their strongest opponents the PF, what happened is like taking the race track alone, ati he wants to re-build kabushi kkkkkkkk promises just like his boss, i believe strongly this man has never been to lusaka

  18. #12.2 Spaka how dull can you be… I am from the Luapula Valley while Lusambo and Malanji are Lamba and Luvale respectively so how are we from the same tribe.

  19. Sounds like an empty promise… haven’t seen any real project take place in any constituency since hh disengaged the Chinese..

  20. To you PF cadres laughing at the MP who want to bring Kabushi to the standard of Lusaka, hear this : Isnt Mulungushi Conference Center i good standard to emulate? How About the Lusaka International Airport? The five star Hotels? UNZA?NIPA?HON?, How about Levy Junstion Mall? EastPark mall? How about UTH? Levy Mwanawasa Hospital? how about Cairo road? How about the Good roads in Lusaka? fly-over-bridges? The Commercial Banks? Car Dealerships? General busy business district? You must be all fools to downplay his ambitions cos he really knows what he is talking about. Respect that!

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