Tayali calls on Zambians to be part of an Alliance

conomic and Equity Party leader Chilufya Tayali.
conomic and Equity Party leader Chilufya Tayali.

Economic and Equity Party – EEP President Chilufya Tayali has called on Zambians especially opposition political parties to be part of an Alliance that will lead to the formation of the Government of National Unity whose agenda is to put Zambia first.

Mr Tayali said that the unity of the opposition political parties is very real, as they have been having discussions and interactions on the Alliance, and he is happy that a lot of people have welcomed the idea of forming an Alliance where they put Zambia first.

“Things are going on very well, am encouraging Zambians to be part of the Alliance, as we are all gifted differently and some of you are intellectuals who are learned and understand things from a different perspective, am also encouraging the young people to be part of this Alliance and offer whatever they can. Let us all unite by putting Zambia first,” Mr Tayali said

He mentioned that looking at the agenda of the Alliance which is to put Zambia first, people should forget about the political party affiliations which they belong to but everyone at this point in time should come together irrespective of the different political ideologies, and affiliations.

“From my point of view, am very grateful with a number of opposition party leaders who have shown positivity in this and are willing to work together, am so humbled and praying that we succeed in this Alliance,” he said

Mr Tayali has urged members of the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) who have seen that President Hakainde Hichilema doesn’t mean well for this country are free to come and join the Alliance as the Alliance is not excluding the UPND but rather including reasonable UNPND members to come forward.

“I know in UPND there are some people that mean well for this country, and those who are indoctrinated by not thinking properly should continue staying in UPND,” Mr Tayali said

“Whether President Hichilema likes it or not, his going as he has failed and the UPND is gone,” he added

He explained that the independence that we are celebrating now means that, this country belongs to all Zambians who are supposed to be part of the leadership of this country, the independence that the fore father won meant that people have attained that self-rule, as they were being ruled by the colonizers the British but the forefathers fought by saying they want to rule themselves and 58 years ago they lifted the flag of independence to say they have attained self-rule, that is what independence means.

Mr Tayali said that because of this independence that was attained, young people should not relegate the responsibility of running this country to only a few individuals, all the young people are supposed to be part of the governance of this country.

“Am emphasizing that all the young people are supposed to be part of the leadership of this country, don’t seat back and wait for President Hichilema to appoint you or give you a join in the government and now you will feel like you are part of the governance, no, by the fact that you are born Zambian, you are supposed to be part of the leadership of this country, don’t allow a few individuals to take this country into oblivion and disaster,” Mr Tayali mentioned

He disclosed that young people can be part of governance by making sure that they speak out on the issues relating to the governance of this country, young people should not shun away from this by stating that they don’t talk about politics or anything related to politics, everyone should talk about the governance of the country as politics affects everyone including the church.

“All of us are supposed to talk about politics and the affairs of this country,” he said

Mr Tayali has since called upon all church leaders not to sit back and let the affairs of the country to only be in the hands of the politicians as the church is also a part of this country and therefore leaders in the church should also contribute in the affairs and the running of this country.

“The issues of politics should not be relegated, even the church and Pastors should be free to discuss politics,” he stated

He noted that the intervention of the church through prayers and advice will help the politicians to come up with ideas that will be of great benefit and work for the country.

“Am encouraging church leaders to come forward to talk to politicians and pray for us, we need to heal, and unite this country which is highly broken,” Mr Tayali said


  1. More sense from this great son of the soil. We desperately need change for zambia. Let us build our alliance to save this country from the failures we have in power now

    • @Attention Kaizer Zulu (Patriotic Front UK-Branch)
      Please, inculcate yourself and the likes of Tayali to contain your anger because it is not good for your psychology and your souls. Accept that you are a human being and part of the human family. Get rid of your egos and develop your reasoning. There was an epoch for PF and it is not there anymore. This is not to argue that the UPND should be held responsible for PF’s misfortunes. The common problem with you and your kinds is to shift the blame from your doorstep to UPND’s doorstep. Your general thesis has lost thrust and this is evident in your little Tayali’s unsound arguments. You do not even know whether you are insulting or reinforcing your opponent’s standing in society. Go back to school and learn more.

  2. Taylor you can join hands with your fellow sadists, the Pathet.ic F.ools, Mr. Zero. the Newsoaper guy, Mr. Hippo name them, Zambians who are willing to work hard know what they want. Just prepare to exit the political arena because you are becoming irrelevant to the Zambian political discourse every time you open your mouth. Look for a building and start a church maybe

  3. There’s nothing new here. We’re not interested in an alliance with a narrow agenda of just removing the UPND then share positions and continue to do the same old things. If you’re tired or have run out ideas, either join the UPND or Sean Tembo or remain on the ECL payroll. Alliances in Zambia don’t and will never work.

  4. Going back to where we have come from.
    Better to try another party and leader.
    Let’s wait till 2026 then we decide.

  5. This is a case of somebody overating himself, you don’t have a single councilor and you want to tell us what to do. How?

  6. HAHAHA….This is a man who is already in an alliance with anyone willing to pay for his bills and expenses. He has said it himself that he dances for nshima. How do you trust him to be in an alliance for long if all he needs is sugar daddy with lots of money. Its like trying to wifey a Swai/SLAY QUEEN. He will keep forming alliances to the day that he drops. Good luck mudala anyway.

  7. Well spoken Tayali, all we need is people who can put zambia first,like our friends in the UK and USA they like there countries and they put their countries at heart.How i look for that time when we (zambias) shall reach such a time when zambia shall be on our heart.My appeal to people let us come together and fight our common enemy.Zambia is for zambians.

  8. For your own information, we are so happy with the state of affairs. Let HH rule and mend the damage you and your cronies PF did. Forget about coming to any form of power.

  9. Is this not the guy who down graded himself from a presidential candidate to a mayoral candidate and even himself did not vote for himself? Asking for a friend

  10. A government of national unity? under which law?,Attention Mr.Tayali,your mental instability is pushing you towards Treason.Dont take the gullible with you

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