President Hakainde Hichilema is the most fake president that Zambia has ever had-Sean Tembo

Sean Tembo
Sean Tembo

Patriots for Economic Progress – PeP President Sean Tembo says President Hakainde Hichilema is the most fake president that Zambia has ever had, as he always tries to project a false image that his government is performing well, and yet it is a total disaster.

Mr Tembo explained that the recent revelation that about half of the newly recruited teachers have not been paid their salaries for three (3) months now, adds to the long list of people who have provided goods or services to Hakainde’s Government and have not been paid.

He added that the farmers who sold their maize to the Government through the Food Reserve Agency – FRA have not been paid.

“This includes his praise singers who are always in our inbox with messages of “tikambilenkoni”,” Mr Tembo said

Mr Tembo mentioned that the youths who were employed as Enumerators by the Government through Zambia Statistics Agency – Zamstats during the just ended census exercise have still not been paid.

“It’s been two (2) months now but the Government keeps on changing its statement on this matter, monga nimukazi wamene bagwila uhule,” he stated

He noted that the athletes who represented the country during the commonwealth games a few months ago were never paid their allowances, instead, the Ministry of Youth and Sport Permanent Secretary, Kangwa Chileshe decided to insult them by telling them that they can be replaced anytime.

“The DSA allowances we are talking about was just about $300 per night, the entire UPND Government has the foul language of a Kachasu Brewer. competing namanyozo with us in the opposition,” Mr Tembo noted

Mr Tembo disclosed that all suppliers who were owed by the Government when UPND took over, have not been paid a single Ngwee, under the pretext that they are still being audited and Hakainde does not understand that there has to be continuity of Government despite changes in administrations, and the business community needs to have confidence that the Government of the Republic of Zambia will honor its financial obligations regardless of who the President is.

He further disclosed that as the biggest player in any economy, the business practices of a Government has a direct impact on the economy, here in Zambia, everyone now know that Hakainde’s Government doesn’t like to pay nkongole (credit), even to small creditors like peasant farmers, youths who conducted the census, athletes who represented the country at commonwealth games etcetera.

“Indeed, Hakainde Hichilema is the equivalent of a father who is always smartly dressed to the public and smelling of expensive perfume but ninshi kunyuma akangiwa kugula unga mambala,” Mr Tembo said


  1. I have told you mambala that don’t just make good analyses, please buy madam good clothes now. It’ll be embarrassing to see her become a fashion icon few days after you’re sworn into office. You have the money to dress her well now, As for the govt there are many un-kept promises apart from obligations. Their obsession to punish the PF and those connected to ECL will sink the UPND. They view every previous transaction as a theft scheme, even when there’s no evidence. Now they’re venting their frustrations using violence. PF failed so it’s poor judgment to make it as your yardstick. Do something else

  2. Thank you for saying it as exactly as it is. We love your honesty and bravery sir. I would rather have you as president than this clown they call hh.


    Pf member in Scotland

  3. The teacher recruitment was just propaganda because every year teachers were recruited otherwise we wouldn’t have teachers in our schools.
    The emphasis in the budget is not necessary because it can just be put under civil servant remuneration

    • You can call it WHATEVER… But it has taken place. keep up with your criticisms until HEAVEN COMES.. While HH takes us places

  4. Kuli cabe ma proceeds of crime mwandi mwe. Guys, stop playing politics and operationalize your policies. What is this about paying everyone, sending CDF to every one and yet the story on the ground is different? Can we stop cheap politicking and get on with governing mwa wantu napapata na muyanu. If the purported savior joins the line of abusers tizayenda kuti kansi?

  5. Painting kachasu brewers with one brush in such a derogatory manner is not presidential Mr. SET. Who then is going to vote for you?

  6. The UPND GRZ took over a paralysed, rotten civil service that was more intrested in becoming party caders to see off leaders at airpoorts and pack staduims at national prayers day,………..

    Than see to the smooth operations of GRZ……..

    Monies are sitting in bank accounts for almost all operations but……….

    For the rotten performance of zambias civil service, things will take longer than necessary………….

  7. This man he just keep on barking like dog. We do not have non-corrupt leadership Zambia yet.
    Clean leaders like KK are yet to surface. To concentrate on developing the country.
    It is shame to see the achievements being made in Uganda and in Rwanda. That is leadership.

  8. Is this the same Sean Tembo people say he fainted in jail? Looks like he’s fully recovered , so watch him closely.

  9. We have always known that behind that fake smile there is a conman. Even women realise very quickly when they meet at fake sweet talker because the actions and their sweet talk do not add up. This Govt is no different they are here to please the world cartel and not their employers, the electorate. The result is obvious they will be shown the door just like their predecessors. This political party has broken all the moral fibre they lie with a straight face. Zambians are watching.

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