Government advised to reconsider its decision of verifying G12 for job applicants

ECZ official

A Mwinilunga District based clergyman Evans Mansaka has advised government to reconsider its decision of having applicants for employment in the defence force to have their grade 12 results verified in provincial centres.

Pastor Evans Mansaka says if his suggestion is not reconsidered it will deny an opportunity for youths in rural areas to apply and be considered for the jobs in the defense forces.

Pastor. Mansaka says it is costly for people in rural areas to have their grade 12 certificates verified in provincial centres where there are additional living costs while they await verifications of their papers.

The clergyman said this in a statement in Mwinilunga , on Wednesday.

“Children ( applicants ) will spend a lot of money, on food, lodging and transport just to go and have their results verified, ” he said.

He felt that the provincial Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) offices may equally be overwhelmed with a huge number of people wanting their papers verified which in turn may lead to lapse of time required for people to apply.

The clergyman said the objective by government to provide jobs to the youth through the defense and security wings is commendable but requirements such as this one may be unfair to those who may have no Money to travel to provincial centres to have their results verified.

“It is good that the government is creating jobs for our youths but some requirements maybe unfair” he said.

Pastor .Mansaka has since appealed to the defense forces to find ways of decentralising the grade 12 results verification to districts so that everyone can be given a chance to apply.


  1. This was a PF idea of cropping and start flashing in the streets.
    We must stop this bad PF Katondo street money making idea.
    Examination Council should be issuing ONLY valid certificates which should be validated in Schools/Education Boards

    Only PF members should their certificates be vilified by the Council in Lusaka only; All other Parties no valification

  2. In this day and age it is surprising that a government Education institution in Zambia cannot catch up with the age of information technology and use internet services to do such a simple task. The Examination council has all the grade 12 results on computrer servers and they could easily verify candiadte results online. Zambia at 58!!!!

  3. Baby Malanji
    You are insulting the people of Kwacha . Why did you donate your change to the people of Kwacha? Answer my question honestly. You have provided us with the reflection of your actions in Kwacha. Your intentions were to invest your small change in Kwacha after spending stolen money on your family and social life. You spent leftovers after misusing stolen money which was meant for ordinary Zambians. Your small investments in Kwacha have not yielded anything for you and your likes. The police must charge you for misusing state resources, causing unrest in society and alarming the citizenry. The earlier you are incarcerated , the better it is for everyone. Viva UPND, viva HH

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