Government pondering building concrete roads around the country


Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Charles Milupi, says Zambia should develop a good road network for it to register significant economic development.

Mr. Milupi says a durable and sustainable road network is an engine to social economic development.

He said this in a speech read for him by his Permanent Secretary, Danny Mfune at a symposium on construction of concrete roads in Zambia in Lusaka today.

“As government, we remain resolved to ensure that the road network supports our economic agenda as the new administration, especially in the area of job creation,” he said.

The minister noted that the objective of the symposium on concrete road construction is to share views among various stakeholders such as engineers and academicians among others.

He said it is time for the country to shift to concrete road construction which he said is sustainable and does not require constant maintenance.

Mr. Milupi explained that concrete roads generally perform better and last much longer as compared to bituminous ones.

And Road Development Agency (RDA) Board Chairman, Mulchand Kuntawala, said the symposium has brought together a cross section of experts to brainstorm on how best to handle concrete roads in the country.

Mr. Kuntawala said RDA is following the presidential directive for the country to venture into concrete roads which can allow for more haulage on the road.

He said a durable and sustainable road network is a catalyst for job creation and economic development.

Mr. Kuntawala added that RDA recently floated a tender for the construction of a bypass concrete road in Chibuluma as a pilot project.

Earlier, Chilanga Cement Commercial Director, Chooye Hamusankwa, said the cement company has already partnered with RDA to champion the construction of concrete roads in the country.

Mr. Hamusankwa said Chilanga Cement is committed to providing materials for sustainable concrete roads to spur economic activities.


  1. Baby Malanji
    You are insulting the people of Kwacha . Why did you donate your change to the people of Kwacha? Answer my question honestly. You have provided us with the reflection of your actions in Kwacha. Your intentions were to invest your small change in Kwacha after spending stolen money on your family and social life. You spent leftovers after misusing stolen money which was meant for ordinary Zambians. Your small investments in Kwacha have not yielded anything for you and your likes. The police must charge you for misusing state resources, causing unrest in society and alarming the citizenry. The earlier you are incarcerated , the better it is for everyone. Viva UPND, viva HH

  2. Please don’t go there. Concrete roads have been tried in Europe and the US and it has been a disaster. Concrete roads are only suitable on run ways. There are also issues with noise pollution, visibility of road markings and safety generally.

    • There’s one concrete highway in South Africa and it’s touted for its long term low cost maintenance but I haven’t seen it copied elsewhere outside of Johannesburg.

    • @Pompi you idyot!! America builds concrete roads wherever sand is nearby. Most land in America is mash.
      Zambia has sand anywhere!! and cement plants can be opened in each province, ba swine imwee…. think.

  3. Planes use reverse thrust (air) when stopping, motor vehicles use friction between the road and tyres. There isn’t much friction with tyres on concrete. You can guess the consequences on our roads with all those speeding minibuses.

  4. Concrete roads are the way forward, and bravo for the great idea. They have been successful all over the world – USA, Europe in particular Germany, Japan, you name it.

  5. Unless people have short memories, this was Michael Sata’s song from his first day in power. The PF were always singing the song of infrastructure especially of roads. So nothing new here just show us your new dawn plans
    ” Milupi, says Zambia should develop a good road network for it to register significant economic development.
    Mr. Milupi says a durable and sustainable road network is an engine to social economic development.

  6. So people are just fixed on concrete and are imagining those tiles in their homes where you slip even when barefoot. No fellas. There different textures that the concrete roads can take including coating with bitumen. It is a thing. It can be done, it will be durable and it will seal that perennial loophole of stealing taxpayers money in the name of redoing roads.

    • I doubt. Sealing that loophole needs bitumen on top of our skulls so as to prevent corrupt thinking. Zambia is right now consumed by corruption

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