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Nkombo explains delay to re-open Lusaka City market as K22 million is released for the Project


The government says the delayed completion of the Lusaka City Market refurbishment and the construction of Simon Mwewa Lane Market is a matter of concern especially that the rain season is approaching.

Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Gary Nkombo, who conducted a tour of the two trading sites in Lusaka today, disclosed that the delay in completing the projects was partly due to contractual issues.

Nkombo Government has announced that the government has released K22 million for the completion of Simon Mwelwa Lane and City Market. “It has been revealed that the treasury released K22,000,000 (22 million Kwacha) to DMMU for the completion of the two markets,” Mr Nkombo said.

Mr. Nkombo however said the contractual issues have since been resolved and that a new contractor has been contracted to complete the projects.

He added that the bureaucracy and red tape at the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) contributed to the delay regarding the logistical aspects of the projects.

“In terms of the other works, civil works to operationalise the market, to be fair, it is only fair that although the pressure is on the ministry, the truth of the matter is that the feet were being dragged on the side of the DMMU due to the bureaucracy that is associated with the procurement,” he explained

The minister has however assured that the issues have been resolved and has expressed hope that the project will be completed in a few weeks’ time.

“We are glad that we have straightened out certain issues including the permission that ZNS needed to employ the casual workers who are doing manual work here and to procure all the materials for the two projects so that they can move at a pace that is desirable,” he added.

He has since appealed to all concerned traders to move to the new trading sites once the works are completed, stating that the spaces are sufficient to accommodate many traders.

And Lusaka City Mayor, Chilando Chitangala, has reiterated the need to operationalize the two markets stating that the delay in completing them presents a health risk especially in the rain season.

Ms. Chitangala further said the council has been constantly engaging with the vendors and other stakeholders over the relocation to the new markets.

She revealed that the council will have to conduct a recount of the vendors before relocating them.

“Like we have always reported, it has been very difficult to manage the CBD especially because we don’t have these two markets ready. But we have heard from what ZNS has said and what DMMU has said and we are just hoping that within the next four to five weeks, we can have these two markets ready,” she said.

Meanwhile, Zambia National Service Commander Builders Brigade, Perry Sichombe, said the ZNS is confident that the projects will be completed within four weeks.

Brigadier General Sichombe said this will however depend on whether all necessary logistics will be provided.


  1. The biggest crook to ever come out of mazabuka. This boy thinks he is something but he is a zero

  2. Gary, please take those sunglasses off. They make you look like that dumbwi dozer. Does it take that many people to push back a project? The look on the faces says it all.

  3. Please complete these two markets so ALL street vendors can move there. Lusaka CBD is like a filthy toilet with mess allover the floor. We need to clean our spaces if we have to start thinking positively & start doing progressive things. How can you start talking about economic recovery when you can’t even manage street vending & public waste system??

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