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Everywhere you go people are complaining of hardships-Antonio Mwanza


Patriotic Front – PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza says despite the United Party for National Development – UPND using the inadequacies of the Patriotic Front – PF which gave them rise to power as they used it to lure people into voting for them, they have failed to fix a number of things as promised to the people thus having no moral right to remain in government.

Mr Mwanza explained that the people of Zambia are making comparisons between the current government and the previous government and everywhere one goes, people are complaining of the hardships they are facing such as lack of medicines in hospitals, expensive commodities, high transport fares, lack of jobs, slow businesses and violence, adding that people that are contractors and work in government have not been paid.

“Everywhere you go people are complaining of hardships, stating that things were better under the Patriotic Front, this what gives us the PF hope that the future is bright because when people look at how life was 13 months ago and how it is today, it’s like coming out of a frying pan and going straight into the fire” he mentioned

He noted that today, the UPND is the most unpopular political party as there only strongholds are the Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission – DEC, and the Anti-Corruption Commission – ACC, and they are not popular on the ground which is the reason why in both Kabushi and Kwacha Constituencies the UPND had to use and abuse the Electoral Commission of Zambia – ECZ to make sure that the PF candidates don’t file in nominations because they knew that the two candidates under PF were going to win the By-elections.

Mr Mwanza disclosed that the issues that removed the PF from power were perceptions of corruption, issues of careerism, and not listening to the people but despite all these issues the PF while in power built hospitals and clinics, schools, and universities and roads across the country, and that’s the legacy of PF as it delivered on their promises to the people, adding that the PF improved the working conditions of the people, lowered taxes and civil servants salaries were increased by 100 per cent and reduced the Pay-as-You-Earn under the leadership of the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

“President Edgar Lungu continued by increasing the tax threshold,” he added

“The PF brought development across the country by building schools, roads, and hospitals and ensuring that there’s electricity in places where there was none, the only problem was on the issues of carderism and perception of corruption which the UPND capitalized on during their campaign,” he noted

“The UPND capitalized on the mistakes of the PF during their campaign by making promises of change to the people such as people buying mealie meal at 50 kwacha when today mealie meal is at 180 kwacha, fuel will be at 12 kwacha but today fuel is at 26 kwacha, no one will be given a prescription at hospitals but today even a cannula is prescribed, the UPND promised cheap transport fares but today transport fares have doubled and food has also become expensive, even the issues of carderism are still being experienced under this government as people are being beaten even just from the Police premises as witnessed in the recent happenings Mwense district where UPND carders attacked people at the Police station last week,” he explained

Mr Mwanza cited that all these are the things which the UPND said they will fix but unfortunately, they have not done it neither have they fixed anything.

He said that President Hakainde Hichilema always used to pride himself as an Economist but today he doesn’t even want to hear about him being an Economist, as he always talks about other issues and cannot address issues of the economy because the economy has collapsed.

“There’s the hypocrisy that is being exhibited by President Hichilema as he has been going around telling people on how he is trying to fight the spirit of ‘tantamount’ and ‘ka something’ but to be honest, he has given tax breaks to the mines and the question is what has he got in exchange, what ‘ka something’ has he got in an exchange with the tax holiday his giving the mines, and how much money are sponsors, supporters and sympathizers of the UPND are taking to Community House, how much money has he made as President from the time he was elected 13 months ago, today, the UPND have cars, materials and money but where is all this coming from, it’s all because of ‘ka something’,” Mr Mwanza questioned

Mr Mwanza has advised President Hichilema to stop using stinginess to demonize those who are able to give, as those that give are used to giving and sharing and should be left alone, those who are stingy should also be left alone with their stinginess.

“The UPND should look into the affairs and wellbeing of their supporters as they are suffering,” Mr Mwanza has urged

Mr Mwanza highlighted this when he made an appearance on UNZA Radio Lusaka Star Programme.


  1. Zambians were living on borrowed money…………

    The whole zambian economy was surviving on borrowed money…………

    That was unsustainable

    • Zambian Dollar

      You also did not mention America and Britten manufacturer and export every from aircraft to sophisticated computer systems…..

      While zambia imports almost everything……….????

      I’m sure that fact must tell you something about the difference in debt between countries……

    • Zambia Dollar

      There is an African saying that says………

      Just because the elephant can cross the deep river does not mean any animal can cross……….

      Same with debt……….some countries can live on their debt and still remain solvant and develop

    • It is not easy to correct the wrongs. Damages were huge and for someone to fix those wrongs within a year, it is a mammoth task. UPND ought to be given time to fix things. I see ministers and the whole Government busy at work to do their best. I see that the current Government. Opposition, take it easy. Everything is gonna be alright

    • The people in soweto, Kyawama, mazabula, kawambwa, Mulobezi, Serenge, kabompo, Sinda, Kwacha, Macha, kalomo, Dundumwezi, Mansa, Wusakile, Chamboli, Mpulungu, Mikomfwa, Mpatamato, Kalulushi, Zambezi, Mufumbwe, Petauke, Kansunswa, Lubengele, Chibombo, Liteta, etc. Go and check for yourself!!!! You are the blo.ody reporter.

  2. Mr.Mwanza,There are hardships everywhere in your house.No salt,no sugar,tv is broken,mattresses are worn,fuel is expensive and the dog has stoped barking.It was paradise for you 13 months ago

  3. UPND hace a lot of educated and intelligent technocrats very good and numbers crunching. Look at the whole lot of Presidents’s advisers….all they know are numbers. Look at Kalyalya aat BOZ…..numbers. Even old man Musokotwane has started playing with numbers. Inflation had come down to single digit(On paper). The dollar is being maanaged?( On paper). GDP is being managed as there is noticeable tangible activities in the economy( On paper). In the meantime despite all the good numbers( Economic indicators):
    1.Prices are still going up.
    2. Fuel prices are going up
    3.There no drugs in the hospitals
    4. Water and electricity bills are going up.

    • Pain before gain………

      It will take atleast 18 months to repair the damage caused by the reckless lungu and PF………..

    • Fixing your 7 year mess cannot take less than 2 years. Fixing an economy isn’t like gambling in a casino or bonanza machine. You guys got used to throwing high interest borrowed money at your select clique members and commados. just because you are no longer riding the gravy train don’t think it’s all of us
      We will work together in the new era. Your lo

      Remind me a guy who soils himself in the trousers and UPND start cleaning your mess you start shooting that the person cleaning you up has a little poo on their hands, can you please sit still and shut it as your mess gets wiped. BTW We still can smell your mess.

    • The PF has no moral right to complain on anything after they left us in this mess.Let other parties say something we can learn from.Only a backward person would think and support a destructve populist policy of free handouts.We suffer today because of a very reckless party.PF is still composed of the same characters we tossed out a year ago.What new ideas have they grown now.They wan to return back because they now feel and eat the mess they got us into,They will just rebrand the same sh*t…..PF should just be disbanded

  4. Zesco employees are happy as some ghost worker is no longer on payroll….also it not longer within 90 days or more money in the pocket…this too shall pass

    • Chaps like him had it easy I mean these guys had Ford Rangers from these govt companies recieved a check every month free fuel never attended a single meeting at the companies instead he was at PF headquaters typing rubbish on LT.

  5. Things are getting worse in zambia. People were warned not to trust capitalist loyalists. Look now

  6. Every where where people went they complained of the PF corruption, caderism , arrogance, triblism, brutality and thelike

  7. Every where where people went they complained of the PF corruption, caderism , arrogance, triblism, brutality and the like

  8. In pf we used to have three meals per today. Now it’s one meal per day, if we are luck it’s two meals per day, Just compare the price of commodities before pf left office and now..Let’s not debate things we are seeing with our own eyes.. Upnd promised us Zambians cheaper things which is not the case, Zambians are suffering yet mining companies are on tax holiday… rubbish
    Fuel pump price has been increased What a useless government.

    • David we apologise for upnds failure and mediocre on their behalf. We are very sorry. 2026 is not far. Vote pf

  9. Ba Mwanza you’re turning yourself into a fool. If you continue with that attitude people will not be reading your articles. Eventually you will be stressed because what you are saying will have a negative impact at PF, in return PF will dump you.

  10. Yes we admit that the new dawn government are humans also and so they will make mistakes here and there but THEY ARE FAR BETTER than that mafia and criminal enterprise of PF under Edgar Lungu

  11. It is not easy to correct the wrongs. Damages were huge and for someone to fix those wrongs within a year, it is a mammoth task. UPND ought to be given time to fix things. I see ministers and the whole Government busy at work to do their best. I see that the current Government. Opposition, take it easy. Everything is gonna be alright

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