Sunday, June 16, 2024

PF will not use under-hand methods to block any of the aspiring candidates-Chilangwa


PF Acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa says no under-hand methods to disadvantage any of our aspiring candidates will be entertained.

Mr Chilangwa vowed that the PF will hold an all inclusive general conference.

“We in the PF have started an all inclusive process towards the Extra Ordinary General Conference following the receiving of applications from Presidential hopefuls. I further wish to inform the general membership of the PF and the country at large that no under-hand methods to disadvantage any of our aspiring candidates will be entertained,” he stated.

“PF is PF and no other description will be entertained at least not under my watch,” he declared.

Mr Chilangwa added, “Please not that following the receiving of applications it remains my responsibility and mine alone to submit a report to the Central Committee after which the central committee will agree on rules of engagement and the campaign schedule by our Presidential candidates.”

He said this shall be announce as soon as the meeting is convened.

“No one is mandated to issue any statement on this process other my office, and please ignore every statement on this matter not coming from my office with the contempt it deserves,” he said.

“Enemies of PF are not happy that PF can attract such a big number of quality leaders to vie the PF top job. Please remain calm. If the SG has not said it then it is not true. I urge all our members and well wishers to focus and spend all the energy on the on-going by-elections campaigns for the rest of this week.”


  1. Whether you use underhand or overhand methods none of those chaps will EVER be president of this country. Zambians are not lunatics.

  2. PF was in many instances better than what we now see. Corruption has increased, no respect for our judiciary. Police, DEC, ACC now tools to suppress political rivals.
    UPND does not need carders on the streets, because its Ministers, MPs and Councilors are already carders.

  3. Only old guards standing for Presidency, same old people who made the party loose. This party is stuck, I think in the next election, I advise they just hibernate, friendly advice

  4. Because we are more democratic than that tribal grouping that said only a tonga can rule it, and true to itself the same tonga guy has been ruling it since mazoka died.

  5. Recycled politicians. What new goodness can come out of this lot? Can a hyena change its spots? Interesting that the SG says no underhand tricks this time. He just fell short of adding – ‘unlike what happened last time they chose the one we just retired’.

  6. PF is not going anywhere because Zambia’s democracy has matured. That said, they are doing themselves a disservice if they want to recruit old folk for the presidency. Do they want power or they want personal prestige, one may ask. To regain power, the old guys must accept to allow younger folk take over and make UPND appear out of touch and old. That could have been smart.

  7. #Patriotic Front UK. Have you read the list of your Presidential aspirants? Continue with those tribal lines. We shall see how long that will take you. Fimba Upoke nga chula wamainsa.

    • Your comment doesn’t make sense at all. Please clarify. You refuse to see anything wrong with upnd saying only a tonga can rule it. More than likely because you are a tonga yourself. Stop being tribally biased. Did you know ecl was a upnd member? Ask yourself why he left

  8. You call this list “quality leaders” or there’s another list we haven’t seen yet? You must be kidding me. Zambia has really gone to the “d0gs”.

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