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President Hichilema expected in Eastern tomorrow for a two-day working visit


President Hakaide Hichilema is tomorrow expected in Eastern Province for a two-days working visit.

Provincial Permanent Secretary, Paul Thole said President Hichilema is expected to arrive in the province tomorrow and will immediately inspect various developmental projects in Lusangazi District.

Mr Thole said the Head of State is also expected to pay courtesy calls on some traditional leaders in Lusangazi.

He further said the President will on Friday, November 4, expected to commission some projects in Chipata.

Meanwhile, the government has disbursed K1.9million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to 326 clubs and cooperatives in Msanzala Constituency of Lusangazi District in Eastern Province.

disbursed the funds to the clubs and cooperatives yesterday in Sandwe and Nyamphande Chiefdoms of Lusangazi district.

And speaking during the handover ceremony, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Garry Nkombo says government is determined to deliver on its developmental agenda, including opening up rural areas such as Lunsangazi.

He said the increase of CDF from K1.6Million to K25.7 Million for development purposes, the decentralisation policy, introduction of free education and skills development support as some of the policy measures that are intended to develop the country.

Mr. Nkombo explained that education is key to national development and that is the reason government saw it fit to introduce free education and support youth skills development programmes.

“This is what we had promised the people of Zambia and I must say that we have achieved most of our campaign promises as evidenced by the many developmental policies that Government is undertaking such as what we are witnessing today, the disbursement of increased CDF,” he said.

Mr Nkombo added that government has made sure to cut all channels that were making it difficult for CDF to achieve its intended purpose of attaining development by ensuring that the money goes direct to the chiefdoms.

He added that the government promotes equality by ensuring that CDF is released to all constituencies including those with opposition sitting Members of Parliament so that development reaches all Zambians.

And Msanzala Member of Parliament, Elias Daka said the disbursement of the funds is a clear demonstration of government’s promise of trickling down development to rural areas.

Mr. Daka thanked Government for the timely disbursement of phase one CDF to Msanzala Constituency and urged those that did not receive their share of the money in the first phase to wait as they will be considered in the second phase.

“This is what was promised during campaigns ahead of the 2021 general election and I must say development is being undertaken in this area as you can see the road from Petauke to Nyamphande is also being graded. So, for those that have not yet received their money under CDF today, don’t worry but wait for phase two,” he said.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same function,Chief Sandwe of the Nsenga people of Lusangazi has urged the beneficiaries not to misuse the funds but put them to good use so that they generate income.

The traditional leader thanked the government for decentralising the utilisation of CDF as evidenced by the disbursement of the funds to Msanzala.

“I’m grateful to the government for this gestures which is timely and I urge you the beneficiaries of the money to put the funds to good use so that it generates income and attends to your needs,” he said.

And Chief Nyamphande of the Nsenga people of Lusangazi has also cheered Government for the gesture saying it will go a long way to assit people in his Chiefdom.

The traditional leader pledged to work with the Government of the day in achieving development in the rural district.

“This gesture should continue because it is really helpful to our people in the village,” he said.


  1. I am PF but very excited with this hard working President, HH. For us as PF we blew our chances by not giving our tenure our best shot. But even remnants like me feel its now time to abandon the rickety boat. More over CK preached for months on end that the boat was the most corrupt vessel in the world, he has not come back to tell us if there was any reformation. I am jumping out now now

    • Patriotic Front is dead, not sure what this dead brain branch in UK is lamenting, any way there will always be remnants in any organization, with time they will expire

    • Mbuzi is this branch calling others names. Anyway their party, the PF is burried and forgotten. Gone and forgotten, I have hope of UNIP coming back than the widely rejected PF ever coming back

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