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Zambia celebrates 70 percent COVID-19 vaccination achievement


President Hakainde Hichilema has commended the efforts of various stakeholders for Zambia’s attainment of the 70percent COVID-19 vaccination set target across the country.

President Hichilema says that Zambia is where it is today in achieving over 70 percent fully vaccinated citizens against COVID-19 because of the partnerships and inputs from stakeholders working with government and the people of Zambia.

Speaking during the celebration of Zambia attaining 70 percent full vaccination against COVID-19 at State House on Tuesday, President Hichilema indicated that the pandemic contributed to the vulnerability of the world as a whole, hence the need to work together in combating the virus.

Mr. Hichilema explained that Zambia was among countries that experienced the global inequalities such as access to vaccines, thereby affecting the developmental agenda.

He described it as the worst combined health and social economic crisis that required urgent action.

” It was inevitable for the country to find ways of dealing with the pandemic, thus the relaunch of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in October last year, with a set target of 70 percent fully vaccinated across the country, ” President Hichilema said.

Government took a decision to deal with COVID-19 by putting everything at the disposal of fighting the pandemic to accelerate preventive measures and vaccinations.

Estimating over four thousand lives lost in the country due to the pandemic, the Head of State stressed the need for government to spearhead the fight with the partnerships of various stakeholders.

He noted this included dealing with the misconceptions of the vaccine, sensitisation among communities as well as the appointment of a COVID Advisor, who he commended for the tremendous job done.

“We will always know that no one can achieve anything working alone, hence the importance of working as a team together with others,” President Hichilema said.

The Head of State noted the multiple efforts that have surpassed the 70 percent to the country attaining 75 percent.

He however called on those that are not yet fully vaccinated to ensure they do so, because the country will not only attain a 100 percent achievement but also safeguarding the lives of all Zambians.

And the United Nations Resident Coordinator Beatrice Mutali commended every fully vaccinated Zambian for heeding to the call of protecting themselves and all those that contributed to the milestone.

Ms. Mutali said that Zambia receives the global recognition for staying the cause and ensuring that vaccines reach even in vulnerable communities.

She attributed the key milestone to the governments leadership and the partners who showed commitment and support for Zambia.

“Vaccination is among the critical interventions that contributed to the reduction of COVID-19 cases and reduction in admission,” Ms Mutali indicated.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley said Zambia is one of the fastest countries to achieve progress in vaccination coverage.

The British Envoy assured his government’s continued support in various areas including the health sector.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo was happy the country managed to fight the pandemic under difficult circumstances.

Ms. Masebo said that some the front liners got such while some died in the process of rendering medical services to the citizens.

She explained that the pandemic however needed a shift in attitude, behavior and leadership which was well provided by the President.

And a COVID-19 survivor, Fisho Mwale commended the government for ensuring that the citizens received maximum attention and support in times of sickness.

Mr. Mwale said the life-threatening disease could only be defeated by governments ambition to spare no effort in the fight of the pandemic suffered for three years.


  1. These people are funny and shameless. They were out convincing people that there was no COVID-19 and were discouraging people from getting vaccines.
    Very shameless

  2. Iam afraid 70% vaccination rate is not good enough for Covid 19 heard immunity. 80+% is just about reasonable. Aim at 95%.

  3. In fact we don’t need these vaccines, our natural immune system works better. Nobody mentions their side effects because you will be vilified and cancelled. God bless Zambia.

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