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HH urges Mwense to vote for Chikota as Mwense Council Chairperson on Friday


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged the electorate in Mwense to vote for UPND candidate Stephen Chikota in the Council Chairperson elections slated for this Friday.
President Hichilema has urged the people to turn up in numbers to vote for the UPND candidate Chikota.
Mr Hichilema said if the electorate vote for Mr. Chikota , they will fully benefit from the improved Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation.
The head of state said  this  during a campaign rally at Lukwesa Primary School in Mwense District adding that  the UPND alliance has a track record of fulfilling it’s promises.
” We are now in government, we have a job to do. We promised free education and we have fulfilled it. We promised that there will be no violence in bus stops, today there is no violence in the bus stops.We promised to increase the CDF,” President Hichilema said.
The President pledged to the people of Mwense that his government will improve the road network in the area adding that works on the Mwense-Kasomena road and a bridge will soon commence.
He also told the people to be expectant of farming inputs soon.
On  the mining sector, Mr. Hichilema further advised the locals not sell small scale mining licenses they have been awarded to by the government.
“Our jobs is to give the mining licenses to you, the people. When we give you the licenses, don’t sell the licenses mine, if you can’t mine, find a partner,” the President stated.
Meanwhile the head of state asked Mr Chikota to exercise humility when he gets elected into office.
Mr Hichilema said the UPND candidate when successfully elected should always remember to be a servant of the people .


  1. Enough is enough. We can all see the failures of upnd. Do you want to risk another upnd failure there? It is now time to engage wako ni wako. Vote along the lines of tribal and party loyalty. Pf is and will always be a majority Eastern northern copperbelt and lusaka party

  2. Mr. President CDF does not belong to Chikota nor you Sir. It belongs to the zambian people . Do not make us believ that if Chikota loses there will be no CDF Sir. That is not true . Whether we have a mayor from PF , UPND, of Fred Mmembe’s party CDF will still be there. Church Elder must tell the truth.

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